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Why Coaching Changes Are Imminent For Jets-Giants

Bob Dylan once recorded a folk song called “Hard Times in New York Town.” Perhaps the title of that song sums up the football atmosphere in the Big Apple better than anything Rex Ryan or Tom Coughlin could say in a press conference.

For the first time since beating Oakland in the season opener, the Jets woke up on Monday morning victorious, having upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 10. It has got to feel good to finally win again, but one win does not erase the eight weeks of losing that previously occurred.

The Jets are still just 2-8, and, unless a miracle happens, they’re not coming anywhere close to making the playoffs. (more…)

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The Chargers Aren’t Starting Slow This Year Thanks To Rivers-Gates Tandem

In the eight seasons since the Chargers parted ways with Drew Brees and made Philip Rivers their starter, San Diego has acquired an unfortunate reputation for starting slowly.

In five of those eight seasons (six of the past seven), the Bolts have begun the year with more losses than wins. In most cases, they have been able to turn it around and finish respectably, but to say they have made things difficult on themselves in the past would be an understatement.

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Should Artists Have to Pay to Play at the Super Bowl?

The NFL has the highest revenue of any sports league in the world. It is the most popular sport in the United States and Sundays are no longer just a day of worship,  it’s a day of football.

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event of the year. Some watch it for the game, some watch it for the commercials, and some watch it for the halftime show.

Over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl last season between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos and in 2012, the NFL’s revenue was about $9.5 billion.

Halftime acts such as Bruno Mars, U2, Madonna and Beyonce have performed at the Super Bowl for exposure and have never been paid.

But now, the NFL is looking to increase their cash flow and ask artists to pay to play at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Why would they do this?

It all comes down to making money and working toward reaching their 2027 goal of $25 billion in revenue.


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Can Eli Manninng Bounce Back From an Awful 2013 Season?

Things could have gone better for Eli Manning in 2013 and that right there, is an understatement.

Manning threw an NFL-leading 27 interceptions against just 18 TD’s last season.

The QB’s completion percentage of 57% was his worst in 6 seasons and the Giants toiled under .500 for the first time since Manning became the full-time starter in 2005.


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Patriots’ Super Bowl chances hinge on Gronkowski’s Health

Rob Gronkowski is an All-Pro talent. In his first four years, he has carved out a reputation as the most dominant tight end on the planet.

Unfortunately, he also has the tag of being injury-prone.

Following a college career marred by injuries, the New England Patriots drafted the six-foot-six tight end in the second round. Immediately, quarterback Tom Brady found his favorite red zone target. Gronkowski caught 10 touchdowns in his rookie season and followed that up with a record-breaking, All-Pro season where he caught 17 touchdowns.

Since the beginning of the 2012 season though, Gronkowski has missed 14 regular season games and two entire postseasons due to injuries. Back surgery, a broken forearm and a torn ACL are among the injuries on the New England tight end’s medical report.

Heading into the 2014 season, Gronkowski is expected to be ready to go in Week 1 and if he can stay healthy, the New England Patriots should be the favorite to win the AFC in 2014. That’s a big if though.

Following a disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game two seasons ago, the Patriots headed into the offseason expecting their young two tight end combo to return fully healthy and continue to wreak havoc on defenses.

Aaron Hernandez, however, was released following murder charges against him and Gronkowski had offseason back and forearm surgeries. Gone was the formidable two tight end offense that produced record-breaking numbers. Gronkowski returned last season midseason but after a few games, he tore his ACL against the Cleveland Browns and was out once again.

With Gronkowski, Brady has his favorite weapon.

Brady struggled much of last season due to a shaky receiving corps and no threats at tight end. Gronkowski represents the rare mismatch in the NFL. He is too big for secondary players to cover but is too fast for linebackers. He is the league’s top red zone target and does most of his work down the seams of the field. In his second season in the league, Gronkowski caught 90 balls for over 1300 yards and a tight end-record 17 touchdowns.

Last season, the Patriots struggled in his absence but during his limited time in the lineup, their offense was one of the best in the league.

Gronkowski, when healthy, is the best tight end in the league. He is not only an excellent receiver, but also a vicious run blocker. Brady and the Patriots are counting on Gronkowski to be healthy this season and there is no one behind him on the depth chart that can come close to filling his shoes.

With Gronkowski, New England has one of the top passing offenses in the league. Without him, they are in middle of the pack.

With a team built to win now, Gronkowski’s health holds the keys to whether or not Brady can win one more Super Bowl as his career winds down.


[featured image via Bleacher Report]

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