On any NFL team, the quarterback is always the most important player. He is the player that is responsible to leading the offense on the field, and the player that the all the blame will fall on if the team fails. The 49ers are no strangers to great quarterbacks. The franchise, which is widely known for QB Joe Montana and QB Steven Young has struggled to win a championship in two decades, and they are desperate for another ring in San Francisco. Because of this, there has never been more pressure on the quarterback of the Niners. Until 2012, Alex Smith looked as though that he would be the future QB for the 49ers for the foreseeable future; however, after he was injured, he was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick blew everyone away in his rookie year, and he started his first full season in 2013. Despite this, 2013 did not go as well as he had hoped, and many people are now questioning his ability. A few short weeks ago, Colin Kaepernick was given one of the largest quarterback contracts ever. He signed a seven-year deal that is worth $126.97 million, and he will likely be with the team for years to come. Because of this, many are questioning whether or not the deal is worth it and if Colin Kaepernick can bounce back. The answer is yes.

Kaepernick is one of the most unique players in the league. With his legs, he is the most dangerous passer in the game, and he is faster than both RGIII and Cam Newton. Aside from this, he also has one of the strongest arms in the league; however, his arm has not been the most accurate. This is what sets him apart from versatile QBs such as Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Over the offseason, Kaepernick has been working on his pocket presence, and next year, he should have plenty of weapons to work with.

In 2012 and 2013, the biggest assets for Kaepernick have been WR Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis. Though both of these players are talented, there were still many holes in the 49ers offense that needed to be filled. They took care of this during the offseason. Firstly, they added veteran WR Brandon Lloyd to the lineup, which is a very big move. So far, in OTAs, Lloyd has shown no signs of his time off, and he is doing a great job of working with Kaepernick. Aside from this, the team has also signed WR Stevie Johnson from the Buffalo Bills. Johnson has consistently been a great WR in the NFL, and this will be the first chance in his career that he will get to play with a top tier QB. You can expect his numbers to be huge with Kaepernick next season. Aside from these additions, Kaepernick will be given a very strong offensive line, and the best receivers of his career. He should have no trouble finding success. So far, Kaepernick has taken the 49ers to two NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl, and with a more complete team, fans should get ready for a big year.