Dick’s Sporting Goods has been keeping track of jersey sales based on in-store purchases and online sales and after tallying the purchases made from May through October of 2014, they have released the top selling jersey names state by state.

Couple surprises that Dick’s gave to Adweek included:

-The top-selling female jersey overall is Colts QB Andrew Luck.

-Women aren’t as hot on Johnny Manziel as guys are. The Cleveland Browns QB ranks No. 1 in Ohio, but he’s only No. 13 among women nationwide (with around 2 percent of jersey sales) compared to No. 2 among men (with nearly 6 percent of sales).

-Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers isn’t on the map, but was the runner-up in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Washington, D.C.

-Three rookies lead their respective states: Blake Bortles of the Jaguars in Florida, Sammy Watkins of the Bills in New York, and Manziel in Ohio.

-More women’s jerseys were sold in Washington than any other state.

Couple of items I noticed was that Dallas QB Tony Romo takes Alaska as the top jersey sold but his TE Jason Witten owns Texas? Also, who are the random ladies in the North East buying up all the Drew Brees jerseys?

But my personal favorite is the Jaguars are No. 1 in their own state for Blake Bortles jersey sales. Kinda makes up for the whole leading-the-NFL-in-interceptions thing.

top nfl jersey sales ladies state by state