It’s a preseason game against a team in the Indianapolis Colts who have a franchise quarterback and could care less about exhibition games.

But it’s also Tim Tebow. He’s been out of football for two years, and in his first game action for the Philadelphia Eagles, he wasn’t as bad as he could have been.

For his first NFL game in two years, Tebow went 6-for-12 for 69 yards and a 7-yard touchdown. And a standing ovation. It looks like Tebow fans are finally getting what they’ve waited two years for and they’re not afraid to show how they feel. It was even a little too much for Tebow himself who literally had the quiet the crowd down so he could actually focus on the game.

Overall, Tebow helped the Eagles win 36-10 against the Colts. A roster spot isn’t that far of a dream for Tebow lovers. Tebow spoke with the media after the game to share his feelings, “Playing ball. I loved it. You want to be focused on footwork, reads, communication with everybody but also enjoy the moment. You won’t always have it.”

Which is surely true in Tebow’s case.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly also spoke to the media and praised Tebow, saying: “I liked how Timmy threw it.”

First, is that Chip Kelly being positive? Second, did he just call him “Timmy”?