Gearing up for Sunday’s big game? Don’t just offer chips and dip and turn on the big screen. Instead, shower your guests with the ultimate Super Bowl party that is as exciting as the game itself. It doesn’t matter if you are a Seahawks or Patriots fan.

You can score big by having the right atmosphere and food during this bone-crunching matchup.

Feel the Moment

Just because you aren’t at the game it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the entire Super Bowl experience. Give your guests the next best thing by having them listen to and view the game on an amazing home theater system. If you already have a television in a central location in your home, your local electronics store can help you find a quality surround sound system.

Depending the size of your viewing area, you can easily set up some basic surround sound speakers without too much work. The speaker placement is fairly simple:

  • Central channel speaker: Place directly above or below your television, lined up with the midpoint of the TV screen. Make sure it is pointed to your listening position.

  • Front left and right speakers: These speakers should form an arc with the center channel speaker and should be pointed to your main sitting area. You may want to measure the distance from each speaker to your couch or chair.

  • Surround speakers: These speakers are meant to bring the sound and environment together so you feel as though you are at the Super Bowl. Wall-mounting speakers would work great, but if that’s not possible, consider placing them to the left and right of the main seating area, facing front.

Ambiance Is Key

There’s nothing worse than having friends over for the Super Bowl and not having it feel like a party. From ample seating to pre-game entertainment, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your guests have a great time.

Don’t plan on having more than one or two guests if you live in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment. Your location should be big enough for all your guests to have a great view of the game as well space to move around. If need be, set up multiple viewing areas in the living room, dining room or garage.

If you plan on entertaining your guests before, during and after the Big Game, there are a variety of activities available. For family-friendly games, consider playing Super Bowl trivia or organize a pick-up game of touch football. If you are planning an adult-only party, there are a few fun drinking games or even a football grid pool in which your guests can participate in.

It’s Really All About the Food

Finally, you can’t have an ultimate Super Bowl party without amazing food. Finger foods are typically best served at these gatherings, giving guests the chance to pick and choose what and how much they eat. Some great choices include 7-Layer Dip, nachos, Pigs in a Blanket, quesadillas, egg rolls, sliders, pasta salad and chili.

As for drinks, make sure to have some non-alcoholic drinks available, even if it is an adults-only party. Have fun with this. Don’t rely solely on beer and soda. For your drinkers, mix up a few cocktails such as Manhattans, Boilermakers or have a mix of imported beers on hand. For the non-drinkers, they can have virgin strawberry daiquiris, homemade punch or even some yummy Italian sodas.

Now that you have your playbook down, it’s time to gear up and get ready for the Big Game. Follow these tips and you’re sure to score big with your ultimate Super Bowl party.


– By Lana Evans

Lana Evans is a freelance writer who enjoys covering entertainment, traveling and lifestyle. She is always looking to conquer new adventures and try new things. Follow her on Twitter to see where the road takes her next. 

[featured image via Forbes]