When the Houston Texans signed on to do “Hard Knocks” it was unclear who they were going to choose for their starting quarterback. At the conclusion of Episode 3, Bill O’Brien gathered all of the quarterbacks in one room.

In a span of fewer than five minutes, O’Brien shared that Brian Hoyer was going to be the starting quarterback. After a tremendous season in Cleveland last year and Hoyer’s consistency according to O’Brien, Hoyer seemed like the best choice for the team at that point. Houston’s last preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys really tested them and seemed to make the decision even harder, but now it looks like the Texans are rethinking that decision.

In the Texans game against the Chiefs, the Texans did a pretty valiant job and the score ended up 20-27. However, Hoyer was part of the reason why the Texans ended up losing. He completed 18-of-34 passes and threw one touchdown, but also threw an interception and fumbled the ball. Hoyer’s mistakes could be what gives the advantage to Mallett as a starter.

After the game, Texans HC Bill O’Brien was asked if he planned on changing quarterbacks this week. O’Brien clarified that he will not be making “big quarterback announcement” but instead wait until Sunday. No matter what, the Texans and O’Brien are going to be in a long season if this is just what Week 1 looks like.