If you’re a regular reader of GuysGirl, you’re probably aware that 45% of the NFL’s fanbase is women. But surprisingly, there hasn’t been a radio show based around football that consisted of all-female hosts.

Until now.

Helmets and Heels will debut on a Jacksonville, Florida radio station called 1010xl and will center around football with game analysis and off the field culture. Hosts will include Jaguars reporter, Jessica Blaylock, on-air radio personalities/producers Donna Murphy and Lauren Brooks as well as myself.

Some may ask “well, why do women need a football show of their own?”

My response? Why not.

For years, the guys have had their own shows with all-male lineups talking about the things that guys care about. So why not have a show that encompasses the football and culture that women care about?

The game, breakdown of plays, tailgating, player/wife interviews and even a little gossip will all be talked about on the hour-long show that debuts on Tuesday August 5th at 7pm.

If you’re not a Jacksonville local, you can listen online to Helmets and Heels via the live stream.