The New York Giants went a different route when they hired new head coach Ben McAdoo. Instead of going outside, they hired within. And here’s why that’s a good thing. 

With Tom Coughlin gone, it remained unclear who would be an appropriate replacement as the head coach for the New York Giants. As one of the best coaches in the NFL, Coughlin will always be legendary but the Giants chose to take a different route in finding his replacement.

Instead of hiring an outsider, the Giants opted to go down their chain of command and promoted their offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo to head coach. This move might be seen as a cop out for the Giants, but it could work out better in the long run than hiring an outsider unfamiliar with the culture.

For most teams, the biggest drawback with hiring a new coach is allowing the offense to either get used to their new system or having the new coach get used what the offense already has built.That’s not the case with this hire.

McAdoo spent most of his NFL coaching career with the Green Bay Packers as tight ends coach in 2006, won a Super Bowl in 2010 and became the quarterbacks coach in 2012. For the 2014 season, McAdoo joined the New York Giants as offensive coordinator and was known for as of the reasons why Eli Manning improved this past season.

One thing that McAdoo brings to the table in the wake of Coughlin’s absence is his sense of toughness. Even though he has some big shoes to fill, it sounds like he’s ready to step up and show what he can do:

“I’m hardened, battle-tested and I’ve been groomed for this opportunity by Super Bowl-winning coaches, players and organizations. We’re going to assemble a staff and a locker room that the fans can rally around, we’re going to set our jaw, and we’re going to get to work.”

Hopefully, McAdoo can keep that determination and become an appropriate replacement for Coughlin. If not, the Giants may be doomed to another 3rd place finish in the NFC East.