We’re four weeks into the NFL season, and one of the league’s most controversial figures (behind Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick) is under the microscope — Chip Kelly.

In an eventful offseason, Kelly made headlines with big traders that were exciting for some but head-scratchers for most. From day one, we knew Chip Kelly would be on the hot seat if his extreme moves didn’t pan out, but how is he doing so far — brilliant, mad scientist or just a crazy person?

Argument: Chip Kelly Is a Brilliant Mad Scientist

Chip Kelly came into the NFL to prove that he could do what the likes of Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin could not — transition from a successful college system to a successful professional system. He wasted no time making moves that some (OK, many) considered to be insane. After quarterback Nick Foles showed a flash of brilliance in Philadelphia, he was traded for the always-injured Sam Bradford. But, despite Bradford’s lack of time spent on the field, he is still a Heisman Trophy winner and has proven himself when playing healthy.

Then you have the move for DeMarco Murray, who came up with big rushing during his days in Dallas, and has a lot to offer in Chip Kelly’s offense. While his first two games weren’t great (OK, they were bad), he’s done enough overtime to show that this slump will end. Besides, we can’t have another CJ2K on our hands this soon, can we?

Look, it’s not like Chip Kelly is refusing to punt on fourth down or going for two after each touchdown. People act like the guy is trying to reinvent the game, but all he’s doing is bringing a new style to a league set in its ways. Given the right tools, a coach like Chip Kelly could shock the system and finally lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl.

Argument: Chip Kelly Is a Crazy Person

Chip Kelly had a good thing at Oregon, and if he would have stayed, he probably would have a National Championship win by now. But like Saban and Kiffin, he took the carrot dangling at the end of the NFL stick and left for what he thought were greener pastures.

First, the elephant in the room … Tim Tebow. What was Chip Kelly thinking by even taking a chance on the quarterback who’s not actually a quarterback? Luckily, he had the wisdom, which was probably just pressure from the owner, to let him go before the season started, but even signing him to the preseason was a sign of things to come.

Second, Chip Kelly’s playbook is thinner than the Eagles win column in the 21st century. His offense is so predictable that the Cowboys’ defense was calling the plays just by looking at the formation. Chip Kelly is in way over his head with the NFL.

The Verdict

After four weeks, can we call Chip Kelly a brilliant mad scientist or a crazy person? We can’t say for sure. The Eagles have suffered three bad losses but came away with a big win against the Jets in week three. So, it’s really too soon to tell if the Chip Kelly method is working.

One thing is for sure, though, if he doesn’t come out of this season with at least a winning record, his future in Philadelphia will be in serious jeopardy.


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