Is Beastmode headed towards retirement? Those close to Marshawn Lynch seem to think so.

Even people who don’t follow sports know about Marshawn Lynch and that’s not because of how good he is on the field.

Lynch’s complete lack of interaction with the media heightens curiosity levels and puts him on everyone’s radar with his extremely catchy phrases such as “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” or “Bout that action, boss.”

But for once, the news on Lynch isn’t about his catchphrases.

There have been multiple rumors circulating that Beastmode is considering retirement after a 2015 season left him sidelined for a majority of it.

Lynch was a shadow of his former self by appearing in less than half of the regular season games and only running for three touchdowns with 417 yards. He could barely stay on the field and was easily replaced by Seahawks rookie, Thomas Rawls.

While Lynch has yet to address the retirement rumors circulating (shocking), it wouldn’t be in his personality to interact with the media on this topic.

However Seahawks GM John Schneider essentially confirmed the rumors when he was interviewed by a Seattle radio station:

“I know that we’re going to treat him with as much respect as we possibly can here, and give him a little leeway to kind of find his way in terms of what he wants to do…But I’m under the impression that he’s leaning toward retirement.”

Should Schneider want to move on from Lynch sooner rather than later, he may have an interesting out. With his lack of playing time, the Seahawks could opt-out of Lynch’s 3-year contract signed just last season. And since Lynch wasn’t able to produce in his first year of that contract, it could hint at his production levels in the future.

If Lynch retires, the legacy he leaves behind will be like no one else before him or anyone else after him. At only age 29, Lynch seemed like he was nowhere close to retirement, but now it appears almost inevitable.


Featured image via Complex Sports