We’ve all heard about the news this week of former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez getting arrested and charged with murder. But what most of us don’t know, is the incredible trail of evidence this idiot left behind.

Not to lose sight of a life that was lost, but theoretically, if you were to commit a murder, you would never leave this kind of evidence trail if you had any hope of not getting caught. Right?

Except for this idiot left more than just a trail. Check out the entire string of events that lead up to his arrest….

aaron hernandez is an idiot

An awesome Redditor by the name of WasteOfFrog assembled this list off public records. And by the layout of all the evidence already known, looks like Hernandez will never play another down in the NFL


The charges:

  • Murder
  • Carrying a firearm without a license
  • Possession of a large capacity firearm x2
  • Possession of a firearm without and FID card x2

The evidence:

  • Victim found 1/2 mile from Hernandez’s home w/ numerous gunshot wounds

    aaron hernandez is an idiot

    Who takes mirror selfies with a pistol?

  • 5 .45 caliber shells found at the scene, fired from a semi-auto weapon, based on the locations and distance between them.
  • Victim was not robbed, had wallet, keys and phone.
  • Keys were to a rental car, registered to Hernandez.
  • Phone contained text messages between the victim and Hernandez, within hours of the murder.
  • Victim’s sister said her brother left at 2:30 AM in a silver Nissan Altima with three people inside
  • Hernandez had been renting a Silver Nissan Altima
  • Hernandez had known the victim for about a year, The victims girlfriend is the sister of Hernandez’s Fiance
  • The police went to question Hernandez, Who didn’t answer the door. a squad car was placed outside. Eventually Hernandez came out, and told the cops he knew they were they and that he had been watching them on his surveillance system
  • A warrant was issued to seize surveillance footage from Hernandez’s home.
  • Hernandez had recently installed a 14 camera system with cameras inside and out.
  • Upon reviewing the footage, they noticed that the first 6-8 hours of footage after the time of the murder was missing.
  • At 9:02 PM Hernandez texted a friend from out of state “please make it back”
  • 9:05 he texted the victim, indicating he wanted to come by and get together with him
  • 9:35 he texted the same out of state friend “get your ass up here” then at 10:23 “hurry your ass up”
  • The man he was texting and one other showed up at Hernandez’s home, seen on surveillance footage
  • Shortly after they arrive, Hernandez is seen with a firearm in his home on the surveillance system says “he is upset that he can’t trust anyone anymore”
  • The three left Hernandez’s home at 1:12 AM in the silver Nissan Altima, captured on surveillance, phone records and cell tower
  • They went from Hernandez’s home to route 95, headed south towards (couldn’t understand) they turned around and went north. the cell phone tower tracked their movement to a gas station off route 128
  • 2:10AM Hernandez bought gas, Bubbalicious blue cotton candy gum, and Black and Milds which are used for smoking marijuana (the prosecutor seems to be mistaken about common blunt cigars but oh well)
  • Next they went to the victims home, at 2:32 am Hernandez sent a text “we’re here” to the victim, this is when the victims sister saw him leave with them, Hernandez was driving
  • They drove back to North Attleboro, this is corroborated by some random surveillance cameras and route was determined by time and distance traveled.
  • During the ride, Hernandez had a conversation with the victim indicating he was upset with him. The two had gone to a club together Friday night.
  • He said some things happened that night and he wasn’t sure if he could trust the victim, one of them was the victim he had spoken to, had troubles with, and he was mad about it.
  • At 3:07 AM the victim sent a text to his sister “did you see who I am with” no response he texted again at 3:11 AM “Hello?”
  • At 3:19 am his sister replied “who?” at 3:22 the victim texted back “NFL” then 1 minute later “Just so you know”
  • At the time of these texts, the car is seen on surveillance cameras in the area of the murder site/Hernandez’s home
  • Surveillance cameras show the vehicle driving down the road to the murder site at 3:23 AM
  • Between 3:23 and 3:27 am workers nearby hear multiple gunshots
  • Cameras pick up the vehicle along the route between the murder site and Hernandez’s home at 3:27 and 3:28 AM.
  • Hernandez’s own Surveillance picks sees him arriving back home at 3:29 AM
  • Police confirm it is only a 2 minute drive.
  • Autopsy found that all evidence was consistent with the victim being murdered where he was found. In other words, he wasn’t dumped. Also consistent time of death to the time the car was there.
  • Two through and through wounds to the victim’s chest. Police returned to the scene and dug where the victim was, they found the bullets, indicating the victim was on the ground when he laid. Both bullets were .45 caliber, consistent with the casings found. All fired from the same unknown gun
  • At 3:30 AM Hernandez is seen with his companions in his driveway, one of whom has a gun.

aaron hernandez is an idiot

  • They go inside. Surveillance shows Hernandez walking around with a gun in his hand.
  • All three go to the basement. Surveillance cameras shut off
  • Later that day, 5:30 PM Hernandez and his companions return the Nissan Altima to the rental agency, Hernandez offers the attendant blue Bubbalicious.
  • One of the side mirrors is broken on the car, footage of the vehicle earlier in the night suggest it wasn’t broken when he left Boston, he tells the rental agency he didn’t even notice it. The evidence being that it was broken sometime between leaving Boston and arriving back at home.
  • He rents another car and returns home, companions leave.
  • At the rental agency, a piece of bubbalicious and a shell casing were found, attendant threw them away. When questioned, she told investigators about it, they found it in the dumpster, shell casing matched to the casings found at the scene.
  • Tire impressions at the murder scene right next to the body were consistent with a front wheel drive vehicle (Altima is FWD)
  • Investigators checked out the rental car. Tire treads matched those at the crime scene. Dirt found on the car also matched the crime scene
  • They found a .22 nearby in a search of everywhere between Hernandez’s home and the murder site. Hernandez a month prior had been involved an altercation in Providence, Rhode island. He had someone with him who was seen to place a gun under a car. This man matches the description of one of his companions on the night of the murder.
  • The gun under the car in Providence was traced to a Florida gun store. The 22 found between Hernandez’s home and the murder site was from the same store.
  • Further search warrant of Hernandez’s home ordered. They found 22 ammo, but no 22 gun. They also found a large capacity 7.62 Hungarian semi auto rifle, and a fully loaded 32 round magazine . Hernandez’s prints on it, he doesn’t have the correct paperwork to own it.
  • Not recovered was the black semi auto handgun seen in Hernandez’s hand before and after the murder. The second individuals gun was not found either.
  • Hernandez’s girlfriend was spoken to by police, she was cooperating until a call came from Hernandez telling her not to. She then stopped talking.
  • The victim had defensive wounds and seemed to attempt to stop the bullets with his arms.

See the rest of the charges and evidence as it comes out by following this thread on Reddit.

Think Hernandez stands a chance in hell of beating this enormous pile of evidence stacked against him? Let us know below…


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