Following in Barbie‘s footsteps, we now have a female Ghostbusters LEGO set with the announcement of a new collection.

Who you gonna call….Lego??

When it was announced Barbie would get a complete makeover to make her look realistic, people were overjoyed. The doll that every little girl wanted to be now looked like they did. Apparently, LEGO thought it was a good idea and have unveiled something completely new too. They have released a new Ghostbusters LEGO set featuring the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters!

For those who don’t know, there is set to be a new Ghostbusters released in July 2016. The movie will be directed by Paul Feig of Bridesmaids fame and stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. While it is unclear what the plot will be, it seems like it is going to be an updated version of the original Ghostbusters.

The set will feature all of the lead characters alongside Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth. It supposedly includes a monster named “Red Daemon,” a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car and the Ecto-2 bike. LEGO joins the rest of the Ghostbusters reboot merchandise with action figures set to be released too.

who you gonna call?

LEGO’s choice to pair up with Ghostbusters was a pretty smart and exciting move for the brand. With LEGOs mostly known as a “boy’s toy,” it is nice to see the company branch out. In recent years, they have gotten a lot of flack due to their gendered toys but this one really hit the mark for them. They featured a set that could be marketed to both boys and girls, complete with female mini-figures who actually resemble their characters and included vehicles that are in the movie and aren’t gender specific. Big kudos to LEGO for actually making a toy that girls can enjoy without making it too “girly” or trying too hard to appeal to them.

The set will be released on July 1st for $60 dollars and the Ghostbusters movie is set for release on July 15th.