The NFL made quite the ruckus last week when they announced a ban on all purses larger than the size of your hand unless the bag was clear.

On the same day however, the NFL released it’s own line of “approved” bags and clarified that you will be able to purchase all the illegal purses once you’re inside the stadium. How convenient.

But one team that’s doing things right is the Philadelphia Eagles that announced they will hand out NFL approved clear bags with the Eagles logo on it to all season ticket holders.

nfl's dumb clear bag purse policy

While other teams will likely follow suit for handouts prior to the start of a game, it’s still a ridiculous policy that doesn’t make anyone safer or speed up check in lines.

Everyone will still be padded down and have a metal detector used on them. If the NFL were really concerned about fan safety, they would ban all beer sales at the game and have added security in the parking lots where everyone tailgates; ya know, where most of the gameday trouble occurs.

This purse ban still has me fired up and I don’t think a cheap free bag from my favorite team would fix it.

But instead of continuing to complain about the issue, just know GuysGirl is hard at work at developing some solutions for the ladies this upcoming season that will be cute, affordable and pass all these ridiculous safety measures.

Below is one option we already created, be sure to follow us on Vine @GuysGirl to see more as they’re released.

This purse is made from supplies found at Hobby Lobby. Of course the craft items you pick up should be in your team colors (this one is in the Jaguars colors) but these supplies plus the purse costs $10 and can be made in 15minutes, tops.