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Carrie Fisher is in total DGAF mode on Good Morning America

Carrie Fisher recently went on Good Morning America and gave the interview of a lifetime. She was snarky, funny, blunt to the point of hilarious rudeness to interviewer, and brought her dog along on-camera.

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Please watch this interview. I love everything about it. Carrie Fisher is a gift, America. She’s not the hero we want. She’s the hero we need. Cherish her.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18, 2015.

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Star Wars cast help make Daniel Fleetwood’s dying wish to see ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ come true

Daniel Fleetwood is a 32-year-old man from Texas. He’s married, he’s as big a nerd as you’ll find, and (of course) he’s eagerly anticipating the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie. He’s also terminally ill. Fleetwood was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a rare connective tissue cancer, in 2013. The disease spread quickly and on September 2, 2015 doctors told Fleetwood he only had two months to live. Although he’s made it this far it’s unlikely he’ll make it to the official December 18 release date of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“. That’s where you come in. Star Wars actors Mark Hamill and John Boyega retweeted this news story about #ForceForDaniel to help Fleetwood see the movie early.

And Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the new movie, posted this on her official Instagram page.

Now it’s time for you to do something. Tweet out #ForceForDaniel, tag anyone and everyone (including J.J. Abrams, of course!) and let’s help make Daniel Fleetwood’s dying wish come true.

And if you want to contribute to his medical bills, do so here!

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2015-2016 NBA season award predictions

The NBA season is underway and it’s likely to be more exciting and storied than last year. Nearly every star is healthy and all teams seem eager to step foot on the hardwood. Although the season just started, it’s never too early to start predicting things, especially season awards.

Here’s how I see this year’s NBA season award predictions:

NBA MVP: LeBron James

In how many languages can you say LeBron James? Coming off one of the most memorable playoff performances ever, the King is looking to continue his outstanding play in his 12th season. Even though James wants to lead the team and not carry it, that doesn’t subtract anything from the nightly production James is going to have for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Once his running mates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are healthy, the team should make a run for the best record in the NBA. The best player on the best team usually equals MVP. It’s obvious who the best player in the world is and it’s highly possible for them to be the most dominant squad.

Most Improved Player: Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal, who has mainly been haunted by injuries, is fully healthy and ready to take his game to the next level. After losing in the second round of the playoffs for the second consecutive time, Beal is looking to get over that hump. But before the Wizards can truly show that they’re the team everyone thinks they can be, Beal will need to elevate his play. This season expect a much-improved Beal. The fourth-year shooting guard showed flashes of brilliance in last year’s post season averaging 23 points a game. He’s expected to extend that hot streak, especially since he’s playing for the max contract he desires.

Rookie Of The Year: Jahlil Okafor

Hailing from Chicago, a low post threat with a plethora of skills: Jahlil Okafor. The young big man will be asked to do nearly everything this season. Given his polished skillset, he’s almost guaranteed a double double at some point and not to mention he’s already the best player on the league’s worst team, the Philadelphia 76ers. While he won’t help them win much, he will at least have more people turning the television to Sixers games to see him do damage in his rookie year. 16 points and 9 rebounds sound like realistic stats. Can he have the award now?

Sixth Man of the Year: Isaiah Thomas

He may be small but he can damn sure fill it up. Isaiah Thomas in his second year with the Boston Celtics will provide a spark like no other sixth man can. He’s had his share of trouble fitting in with teams thus far but the Celtics seem to be the perfect fit, especially since they don’t have any natural scorers anywhere on the roster. If he had begun last season in Boston, he probably would have won the award. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the team in green and he’s one of them.

Defensive Player of the Year: DeAndre Johnson

DeAndre Jordan is the anchor to the Los Angeles Clippers defense. He communicates on defense, he plays phenomenal help D, guards the post with excellence and averaged 2.2 blocks a game – It’s difficult to top that. Many thought the award was his to grab last season but it was given to Kawhi Leonard whom didn’t play the full season like DJ. Not many players are equipped with the athleticism and defensive IQ that the Clippers’ center possesses.  This season, after a wild free agency, he’s back with the Clippers and ready to help them win big. In order to do so, DJ will have to play the Bill Russell-esque defense he displayed last season.

Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers

The Clippers had one of the most interesting off seasons with all the new additions. While some may believe this season may be a debacle, coach Doc Rivers will seemingly detangle and orchestrate this new and improved Clippers squad. He won Coach of the Year in 2008 with the Boston Celtics and there’s no reason he can’t win it again. He’s made all the right moves and is one of the few coaches with a winning mentality. Last season seemed like the year for the Clippers but this year’s opportunity can’t get any better. While it’ll be difficult managing all the interchangeable players and dealing with the different personalities, if Doc Rivers can pull this off, it’ll be one of the most impressive things he’s done in his coaching career.

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Reddit user thinks Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord and… it’s not crazy

Jar Jar Binks of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was an awful character that failed miserably at every turn to provide slapstick comic relief.

Or was he?

Reddit user Lumpawarroo theorizes that Jar Jar Binks is actually a secret Sith Lord who worked in conjunction with Emperor Palpatine, orchestrated the downfall of the Imperial Senate, and fanned the flames of Anakin Skywalker’s lust for Amidala.

Crazy, right? Unbelievable? Sure. But Lumpawarroo makes a convincing case.

“Consider: We hate the way Jar Jar influences major plot points for the same reason we hate his physicality- it messes with our sense of realism. Two experienced Jedi on a serious mission would never actually bring someone that stupid along with them. No character that idiotic would ever really be made a general. They certainly wouldn’t be made a senator. How could anyone like Jar Jar really convince the entire galaxy to abandon democracy? That’s ridiculous.

These things are just the political version of his physical “luck.” Inadvertent, seemingly comical bumbling that just so happens to result in astoundingly positive results. But what if it isn’t inadvertent, and what if Jar Jar’s meteoric rise and inexplicable influence isn’t the result of dumb happenstance, but the result of extensive and careful use of force mind powers?”

I want this to be true. Read the full theory here.

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Play this choose-your-own-adventure game on Twitter

Twitter savant @leyawn created a choose-your-own-adventure role-playing game that can be played entirely on Twitter! Yes… a game on Twitter that’s actually fun to play.

It’s actually a really, really cool game and if you have 10-15 minutes today, give it a try. We won’t go into any main plot points (because there aren’t any) or what makes this game different, but it’s cool to see people using Twitter in a way that not many people use it.

Additionally, it’s cool to see people using Twitter for something funny and interesting rather than a dart board of random things to get mad online about.

Get started with the game here!

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