Either it looks like you spent 5 minutes making it or you’re going to hell for wearing it

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I spend months planning and making my own costumes building up to the one weekend out of the year when I can put on an outfit and pretend to be someone else.

So it always strikes me as odd when others don’t take Halloween as seriously as I do, if at all. But what annoys me most are those who put no effort into their costumes or throw something together last minute.

Which is exactly why I scoured the internet for costumes that took little to no effort or costumes that will certainly stamp your passport into the gates of hell. Either way, at least these people actually dressed up.

Terrible Halloween Costumes

Cardboard Chewbacca

How do you call yourself a Star Wars fan when you show up looking like a paper shredder attacked your costume? I especially like how he had to write “Chewbacca” on his costume so people would know who the hell he is. Tisk tisk….

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Jihad Kid

Ok, this definitely falls into the “You’re going to hell category.” This kid has some major guts to show up dressed like this but I give major props to the parents because they were probably the ones to think of it first but were too gutless. Still, pretty freakin funny.



Naked Pizza Boy

So you spend next to nothing on your costume and you can’t do a few push ups before you strap it on?

At least you managed to trim up the happy trail.



Iron Man Crocodile

Personally, I think dressing dogs and cats up is one of the funniest things ever. But a damn crocodile? AND you made a costume for it? That’s just weird.


Iron Man Kid

To go along with the crocodile, to all you parents out there, there are some parts of a costume that CANNOT be hand made. Most of an Iron Man costume falls into this category.

Sure it sounds like you will save money, but do you want to traumatize your child for the rest of their life because they have a costume that looks like it cost $2?

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Redneck Animal Lover

This costume is not lazy by any means, but you damn sure are going to hell for wearing it. The only issue I worry about with this costume is you must stay outdoors at all times. Good luck moving around or dancing at a party with that on!


Batman Horse

This costume disturbs me on a number of levels. First, why is the kid stuck being Robin? Shouldn’t the kid get to actually be the cool one out of Batman and Robin? Second, I chose to be Batman this year and this horse is pulling this costume pretty damn well but its obvious this is a form of animal cruelty. And lastly, this photo was advertised on a farm, where apparently you can go and take pictures with Bat Horse. How loud can I say “NO THANKYOU!”.



Exoskeleton Costume

No way your even invited to a Halloween party when you make something like this. I give you guts for “going for it” but seriously, have fun on Halloween by yourself weirdo. Its not even electronic!


Peed/Pooped Yourself

That’s just nasty. Wear this and your guaranteed not to get laid that night.

Lazy Person’s Costume

This is my biggest gripe during Halloween. The people “who are too cool to dress up”. Maybe instead of buying a stupid shirt, you let loose a little bit, dress up in a REAL costume and have some freakin fun? GET OUT OF MY FACE!!