We’ve told you about all the ways to sneak alcohol into a game but that might be forever changed as powdered alcohol also known as Palcohol is now legal in the US.

Starting this summer, a Phoenix-based company will begin to sell powdered alcohol, creatively dubbed Palcohol, in the flavors of vodka, rum, cosmopolitan, powderita (aka margarita) and lemon drop. A pack of the powder is equal to one shot and dissolves when mixed with at least 6-ounces of water.

Inventor Mark Phillips said he originally wanted to create Palcohol because he needed a lightweight solution for drinking on the go and his active lifestyle:

“When I hike, kayak, backpack or whatever, I like to have a drink when I reach my destination. And carrying liquid alcohol and mixers to make a margarita for instance was totally impractical. So that’s why I created Palcohol.”

You might remember Palcohol originally tried to come onto the scene months back but cries over the safety of the item were loud enough to pull the product from the shelves until health tests were conducted. Most were worried buyers of the product would snort the powder or make a regular drink stronger.

While you can’t control what someone puts up their nose, adding a pack of Palcohol to a drink turning a single into a double sounds like a genius move, in my humble opinion.

Some states, like South Carolina, Vermont and Louisiana, are so worried they’re trying to ban Palcohol with other states who may follow suit.

Lucky for the rest of us, Palcohol is now a real thing we will be able to purchase and sneak into whatever sporting event our little heart desires; saving hundreds of dollars a year off insane liquor prices at sporting events, concerts and bars.