Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is no stranger to saying things on Twitter that get a rise out of people. But instead of jokes about himself, Jones decided during Game 1 of the NBA Finals to ruffle the feathers of female sports fans by saying the majority of them are only fans because of a team’s colors.

cardale jones insults female sports fans

He followed the aforementioned tweet with a series of questionable opinions before deciding this was a bad idea and starting hitting delete.

cardale jones female sports fans twitter

After what I would assume was an onslaught of replies claiming women can indeed be legit sports fans without worrying about a color scheme (what a concept!) Jones pulls the “I was hacked” excuse:


I don’t need to tell you over the course of history, some fans have picked a favorite team based off colors–male and women alike). But to paint any demographic with a broad brush of stereotypes is always dangerous. Especially on social media where your statements are a screenshot away.

Maybe it’s a good time for Jones to give Twitter a break and hit the books. Because I’d hate to paint all football players as dumb athletes who don’t care about school.

cardale jones football classes tweet

Featured image via CBS Sportsline