Performing a stand-up routine is something that comedians spend countless hours perfecting. So it’s always a special thing when they absolutely nail the routine and earn its spot in YouTube infamy.

That exact question was posted to Reddit, “Which stand-up routine can successfully make you cry with laughter every single time?”

The answers brought back some greats as well as new faces to the mix of 10minutes or less stand up routines that will have you all smiles.

Check em’ out below…

John Mulaney Why I Don’t Drink Anymore

There’s Salt and Pepper Dinner also, but if you haven’t seen his full stand-up, I HIGHLY recommend it.


Dave Chapelle – Baby On The Corner


Louis CK- Smoking Pot

 Also, “Lewis CK Hates Deer” is up there as well


Robin Williams – Golf


Kevin hart – Teacher Confrontation


Bert Kreischer – The Machine



Bill Cosby – Chocolate Cake


Chris Rock: The Differences Between Men and Women


Whitney Cummings: Crazy Bitches

Her stand-up on porn and Twilight are friggin’ great too.


To see more videos from the list, be sure to check out this Reddit thread.