In a new series by Glamour Magazine, exes confront each other after a breakup to ask those questions you always wanted an answer to. And all of the emotions are caught on video.

After a breakup, the mental prison you find yourself is filled with questions on what you could have done differently that wouldn’t have resulted in a tragic outcome. It usually takes months, sometimes years of self-diagnosis to reflect on what you’ve learned so that you can attempt to better yourself for the next relationship.

While some never manage to find out just what the fuck ended the relationship, Glamour Magazine recently featured a former couple who got to do just that.

Ali and Andrew started off as any other couple with the belief they would be together for a very long time, eventually marry and grow old together in a lifetime of happiness. But after 7-years, they split up over a variety of reasons.

With nearly two years passing after their breakup, Glamour Mag sat the two down with a list of prepared questions and filmed their emotional responses in a two-part series.

It’s an incredible and honest look into agony that goes into building a relationship only to see it crumble into a faded memory.

Warning: This will make you cry.