If you find yourself forever alone on Valentine’s Day, stop crying about it. Here’s how to enjoy a made-up holiday when you don’t have to jump through hoops.

Valentine’s Day is one of those corporate made-up holidays that most couples know they shouldn’t have to put any effort into but they still do something instead of nothing as to avoid dealing with the repercussions that would surely follow.

But for those who happen to soulmate-less on this particular holiday, they’re reminded in every TV commercial break of just how much love and eternal bliss they’re missing out on.

And for a split second, many singles gals out there would drop everything to be able to be in a committed relationship just for the sake of saying it.

But for some of us, sh*t just didn’t work out that way. And that’s ok.

Because there are plenty of reasons to be single and there are also plenty of ways to deal with it. Here are some things to avoid as well things to embrace this coming Valentine’s Day….

For God Sakes, Avoid This

You certainly will be forever alone if you own one of these Boyfriend Pillows. Don’t be this desperate.

forever alone valentines day 2


Don’t watch any romantic movies on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a death trap full of ice cream, tears and wandering minds.

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Embrace the Silence

“Hey babe can you iron my pants?” “What are you making for dinner?” “Do you know where I put my keys and wallet?”


For as much as we love having guys around, there are times in our lives that a woman should be able to enjoy the freedom of not having a man in your life that you have to cater to.

Don’t get wrong, I love treating a guy like a king. But only for the right one.

Until that comes along, embrace the freedom of doing what you want, when you want and silence around you.

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Embrace your “Alone Time”

One of the things you miss about not having a guy around is simple: The sex. And most girls don’t want to sleep around, so what is one to do?

Amazon is the online marketplace superstore that has the best prices and reviews on all kinds of goods. This includes sex toys (link obviously NSFW). For a fraction of the price you would pay at one of those home-thrown and annoying “Passion Parties,” you can discretely get the same items delivered right to your door.

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Still think you are going to be sad on Valentine’s Day without a guy?

Grab a bottle of wine, pick up some to-go food and watch the Maury Show. Because we all know it only takes one episode to feel better about your single life.