The NFL has come a long way in terms of it’s outreach to women. Considering 44% of the overall NFL fanbase is women, this outreach was long overdue.

Aside from transition of shoving pink jerseys down our throats, the NFL has made a considerable effort with team fashions in the actual team colors, the addition of home-gating items as well as traveling NFL Style booths that visit any team that requests it.

But the NFL also took a huge step backwards in 2013 by disallowing purses larger than the size of your hand under the pretense of “it improves fan safety.” I don’t want to get started on the debate of how purses are dangerous but a fan being allowed to drink 20 beers a game isn’t.

Regardless, the NFL always has room to improve. Whether it’s in the front office of NFL teams or outside at security.

So we wanted to know from you, what is one thing the NFL can do to improve it’s approach to the female fan base?

Is it more affordable team merchandise?

A recall on the purse ban?

Child day-care/supervised play area during NFL games?

Improved security while tailgating?

More commercials like this?

All of the above?

Let us know below on how they can improve and we’ll share your best answers later on in the week.

We’ll also be asking any fan that’s interested to share in their gameday rituals in how they watch their favorite football team. If interested, just leave your email address and we’ll contact you at a later date.

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