As further proof that people will bet on absolutely anything, there is literally an endless number of “prop bets” you can place on the game.  Whether you’re wagering in your office pool, at your Super Bowl party or at a Vegas or on-line gaming house, there are an endless series of bet-on-anything wagers you can find.   Here’s just a sample of the many things you can risk your hard earned dollars on on Super Sunday.

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In-Game Odds and Lines

First Quarter:  San Francisco (-.5); Over/Under 10.0
Second Quarter San Francisco (-.5); Over/Under 14.0
Third Quarter San Francisco (-.5); Over/Under 10.0
Fourth Quarter San Francisco (-.5); Over/Under 13.5

Baltimore Total Points:  Over/Under 21.5
San  Francisco Total Points:  Over/Under 24.5

Which Team Will Score First?
Which Team Will Score Last?
First Team to Make a Coaching Challenge (Baltimore/San Francisco/Neither)
First Challenge Upheld or Overturned?
Will either team make a 4th down conversion?
Will any player receive an excessive celebration penalty?


Player and Stat Bets

Total Sacks in the Game:  Over/Under 5.0
Total Turnovers in the Game:  Over/Under 2.5
Largest Lead by Either Team:  Over/Under 9.5
Longest Touchdown of the Game:  Over/Under 49.5 yards
Who Will Lead the Game in Rushing?
Who Will Lead the Game in Passing?
Who Will Lead the Game in Receiving?

Player to Score First Touchdown:
Player to Score Last Touchdown:
Player to Lead Game in Points Scored:
Player with First Turnover (interception or forced fumble):
Player to Commit First Turnover:

Passing Yards:
Colin Kaepernick    Over/Under 220
Joe Flacco               Over/Under 240

Odds on length of first field goal of the game:

1 – 22 Yards               7/2
23 – 29 Yards             5/2
30 – 36 Yards             5/2
37 – 43 Yards             3/1
44 – 49 Yards             4/1
50 or more Yards               11/2
No Field Goals Made         7/2

Odds to Win Super Bowl MVP:

Colin Kaepernick        8/5
Joe Flacco            11/4
Frank Gore            7/1
Ray Lewis            7/1
Ray Rice            12/1
Michael Crabtree        14/1
Anquan Boldin            16/1
Vernon Davis             18/1
Torrey Smith            20/1
Ed Reed            33/1
Patrick Willis            40/1
Aldon Smith            50/1
Dennis Pitta            50/1
Randy Moss            50/1
Terrell Suggs            50/1
Dashon Goldson        66/1
David Akers            66/1
LaMichael James        66/1
NaVorro Bowman        66/1
Alex Smith            75/1
Bernard Pierce            75/1
Bernard Pollard        75/1
Justin Tucker            75/1
Ted Ginn, Jr.            75/1
Delanie Walker            100/1
The Field                                  25/1


Non-Football/Crazy Bets

Coin Toss Heads or Tails?
Which Team Wins Coin Toss?
Nielsen Rating for the Game:  Over/Under 46.0
Length of Alicia Keys’ National Anthem:  Over/Under 135 seconds
Will Alicia Keys get booed?

Who will Beyonce’s “surprise guest” be for the halftime show?

  • Hubby Jay Z
  • Former Destiny’s Child Mate Kelly Rowland
  • National Anthem Singer Alicia Keys
  • Jay Z, Kelly Rowland & Alicia Keys (Holla!)
  • No one – Beyonce is a diva and doesn’t need no help


Beyonce’s Hair:

  • Straight
  • Curly
  • Crazy


Beyonce’s Top (believe it or not, there are odds for this one)

  • Black             9/4
  • Gold/Yellow        11/4
  • Silver/Grey        7/2
  • White            5/1
  • Red             13/2
  • Pink            15/2
  • Orange            12/1
  • Blue            15/1
  • Green            15/1


Number of times the game gets called The “Har-Bowl” (or some variation)  Over/Under 3.5
Number of times the name “Harbaugh” gets said during the telecast    Over/Under 20.5
Number of times Jack and Jackie Harbaugh get shown     Over/Under 3.0
Number of times Alex Smith gets shown on the sidelines       Over/Under 2.0
First talking animal to appear in a commercial?  Dog/Cat/Horse/Rodent/Tracy Morgan/Other


What will the first commercial (after kickoff) be for?

  • Cars/Trucks
  • Beer/Soda/Food
  • Computers/Cell Phones/Technology
  • Network Promo/PSA
  • Auto or Health Insurance
  • Something Else