It’s time to make some money! Or waste it depending on how you look at it. But you can use these Super Bowl prop bet sheets [PDF] to have some fun with your friends for the big game. 

Alright you degenerates.  You know there’s more to the Super Bowl than wings, beer and funny commercials.  It’s time to lay down bets on anything that moves (and a few things that don’t).

The Super Bowl is the most wagered on event of the year and that’s because there’s literally nothing you CAN’T bet on.  Step right up and place your bets!

First, the Crazy Bets

Coin Toss Heads or Tails?

Which Team Wins Coin Toss?

Will they screw up or have to redo any coin toss?

Which region will have a higher Nielsen Rating, Denver or Carolina?

Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement after the game (5-1)?

How Many Times will the announcers mention John Fox (o/u 1.5)

Length of Lady Gaga’s National Anthem:  Over/Under 2:20

Will Lady Gaga come out as refined “Tony Bennett” Gaga or crazy “Meat Suit” Gaga?

What Color will the Gatorade dump be?

Orange             5/4

Blue                  3/1

Clear                 4/1

Yellow                4/1

Red                    6/1

Green               10/1

Purple               10/1

Will the gatorade dump be “team colors?”   Yes/No

What will Coldplay’s first halftime song be:

Adventure of a Lifetime             2/1

Fix You                                      7/2

A Sky Full of Stars                    9/2

Viva la Vida                               5/1

Clocks                                     15/2

Speed of Sound                       9/1

Head Full of Dreams              10/1

Paradise                                 10/1

How many times will “dabbing” be mentioned? over/under 2.0

First talking animal to appear in a commercial?  Dog/Cat/Horse/Rodent/Other

What will the first commercial (after kickoff) be for?



Computers/Cell Phones/Technology

Network Promo/PSA

Auto or Health Insurance

Something Else


In-Game Odds and Lines

First Quarter:  Carolina (-1.5); Over/Under 11.0

Second Quarter Carolina (-2); Over/Under 11.5

Third Quarter   Carolina (-1.5); Over/Under 13.0

Fourth Quarter Carolina (-2.5); Over/Under 13.5

Which Team Will Score First?

Which Team Will Score Last?

First Team to Make a Coaching Challenge?

First Challenge Upheld or Overturned?

Will either team make a 4th down conversion?

Will any player receive an excessive celebration penalty?

What will be the highest scoring quarter?

First Quarter        5/1

Second Quarter           8/5

Third Quarter              9/2

Fourth Quarter            5/2


Margin of Victory

Panthers by 1-6 points                         3/1

Panthers by 7-12 points                         4/1

Panthers by 13-18 points                       11/2

Panthers by 19-24 points                       9/1

Panthers by 25-30 points                       16/1

Panthers by 31-36 points                       25/1

Panthers by 37-42 points                       40/1

Panthers by 43+ points                         50/1

Broncos by 1-6 points                         4/1

Broncos by 7-12 points                         8/1

Broncos by 13-18 points                        12/1

Broncos by 19-24 points                        25/1

Broncos by 25-30 points                        50/1

Broncos by 31-36 points                        75/1

Broncos by 37-42 points                        100/1

Broncos by 43+ points                         100/1


Player and Stat Bets

Total Sacks in the Game:  Over/Under 5.5

Total Turnovers in the Game:  Over/Under 3.0

Largest Lead by Either Team:  Over/Under 7.0

Longest Touchdown of the Game:  Over/Under 30.5 yards

Who Will Lead the Game in Rushing?

Who Will Lead the Game in Passing?

Who Will Lead the Game in Receiving?

Will there be a missed extra point (kicking)?

Player to Score First Touchdown:

Player to Score Last Touchdown:

Player to Lead Game in Points Scored:

Player with First Turnover (interception or forced fumble):

Player to Commit First Turnover:

Will Cam Newton break the rushing record (64 yards) for a QB in the Super Bowl?


Passing Yards

Cam Newton                  Over/Under 240

Peyton Manning             Over/Under 235


Odds on length of first field goal of the game:

1 – 22 Yards              7/2

23 – 29 Yards             5/2

30 – 36 Yards             5/2

37 – 43 Yards             3/1

44 – 49 Yards             4/1

50 or more Yards              11/2

No Field Goals Made         7/2


Odds to Win Super Bowl MVP:

Cam Newton                         5/7

Peyton Manning                   11/4

Luke Kuechly                        14/1

C.J. Anderson                       20/1

Ted Ginn Jr.                          20/1

Von Miller                             20/1

Greg Olsen                          22/1

Emmanuel Sanders             22/1

Jonathan Stewart                 22/1

Demaryius Thomas              22/1

Josh Norman                       28/1

Aqib Talib                             33/1

DeMarcus Ware                   33/1

Corey Brown                        66/1

Owen Daniels                      66/1

Graham Gano                     66/1

Ronnie Hillman                   66/1

Brandon McManus             66/1

Darian Stewart                   66/1

Danny Trevathan               66/1

Chris Harris Jr.                   75/1

Devin Funchess               100/1

Brandon Marshall             100/1

Derek Wolfe                     100/1

Kurt Coleman                   150/1

Mike Tolbert                     150/1

The Field                           33/1

You can download a handy one-page printout using this Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheets

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