Wanna hear a joke?

Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets drafted Mark Sanchez in 2009 and glancing at his first couple of seasons, he was phenomenal.

Sanchez led the Jets to two AFC championships, but after that, it was just a bunch of failed attempts at being a quarterback.

None can forget the infamous butt fumble during the New England Patriots vs. New York Jets game in 2012 where Sanchez ran into his own teammates’ rear end at full speed.

Last Friday, the Jets and the Eagles made an impromptu QB switch when the Jets picked up Michael Vick from the Philadelphia Eagles, and this week the Eagles picked up Sanchez after he was released from the Jets.

Mark Sanchez was never the driving force behind the the New York Jets, a team that dominated in defense and had an awesome run game.

But is there a chance that Sanchez going to the Eagles a good thing?


Chip Kelly’s offense is what runs the Philadelphia Eagles.  And if given the chance, Sanchez lacks the skills to be a quality part of  that offense and manage it efficiently.

Sure Sanchez is a veteran quarterback, but as a veteran, you should continue to get better – not worse.

This Sanchez move was desperate, at best. And the Eagles won’t be laughing when the joke is revealed again.


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