Russell Wilson is an investor in Reliant Recovery Water. Russell Wilson plays football and takes rough blows. Russell Wilson had allegedly been drinking this water for the last month and a half, five to seven times a day.

Russell Wilson also claims it was the reason he was fine after suffering a blow to the head in the NFC Champions game against the Green Bay Packers.


The water is suppose to improve your bodies natural restoration process. This is from it’s website.

“Scientists from a Tacoma, WA-based biotech company have developed Recovery Water using a special electro-kinetically modified process. In this process, Recovery Water is infused with charged nano-structures, which are proven safe to consume and highly effective in promoting healthy cells.”

“Our scientists have effectively enhanced the water without changing the natural, healthy properties of it. Recovery Water tastes, looks and hydrates just like water but also improves the body’s natural recovery process.”

Wilson later came out and said he didn’t have a concussion and that his original statement was perceived wrong. But then said he thinks the water helped prevent injury, and even a head injury.

Can this water help muscle recover and maybe even some injuries heal a little quicker? Sure, maybe. But can it save you from a concussion? No way. He could be just trying to promote something he has money in. Or maybe, he believes the water actually helped him through that game.

My take?

The placebo effect is a thing and it can have an affect on someones performance. Just remember this tweet next time he gets his helmet blown off and keeps going. I mean, just look below.