We know the NFL is full of characters and one-liners. So each week, we’re going to scout the post-game press conferences to find the best reactions for your reading pleasure. Check out the best quotes from the NFL’s Wildcard Weekend below…

“We met and had a discussion and I was told I was relieved of my duties. I don’t have anything bad to say about Bill O’Brien or Rick Smith or Bob McNair. I enjoyed my time with the Texans. I wish them all the best.” – former Texans WR coach Stan Hixon, one of three assistants fired by Houston after their one-sided loss to the Chiefs.


“For me, it was probably his gutsiest one because he was in no way, shape or form, 100 percent out there.  He was just grinding through, probably a lot of it on adrenaline and just trying to do everything he could to get this team through because we were that close. He knew if he could just go out there and help a little then that’s what he’d do. And he did. He gave us exactly what we needed. It was amazing.” – Pittsburgh ST Greg Warren, on the Ben Roethlisberger-led comeback win.


“A lot of guys that are in the locker room now were in the locker room two years ago.  So as much as we didn’t want to talk about it, I know I personally had that in the back of my head. That was a learning experience for us, and I think we knew we had to keep our foot on the pedal.” – Chiefs OG Jeff Allen, discussing what, for many of the Chiefs’ players, was their first playoff win.


“We have a bad taste in our mouth from the first time we went out there.  I don’t want to say we’re out for revenge, but they embarrassed us. Bad.” – Packers G T.J. Lang, on playing Arizona in the second round.


“I think I want to be where I’m wanted. You want to be with people who believe in you, and we’re going to find out, because we haven’t really discussed it at all. So we’re going to find out how much I’m wanted and where that will go. But you know, I’m sure it’s a business and the team is going to operate with that mind-set. And this is my first time going through that process in the NFL, so it’s new to me, and I don’t know a whole lot about it. So we’ll see how it goes.” – Washington QB Kirk Cousins, on being a free agent.


“You don’t blame anybody for a thing like that.  This is football. This is a team sport. You can’t point the fingers at nobody.” – Bengals WR A.J. Green, refusing to single out any one player to blame for Cincinnati’s disastrous collapse vs. the Steelers.


“The snap, the kick is up.  It’s no good!  Are you kidding me?!  It’s no good! Oh baby, it’s Christmas in Minnesota!” – Seahawks radio play-by-play announcer Steve Raible, calling Blair Walsh’s 27 yard field goal miss.


“Snap good, spot down, Walsh’s kick is up and it is… no good!  He missed it! Are you kidding me?! The season can’t end like that! He missed it left!” – Vikings radio play-by-play announcer Paul Allen, calling the same missed field goal.


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