NFL quarterbacks have had a rough season. But with the season winding down, let’s take a look at possible QB destinations in 2016 for a number of guys who don’t have a home. And homes looking for a new member to add to the family.

Just be sure to have your $.51-cents per day ready.

Colin Kaepernick

Just two years ago he was losing the Super Bowl and knocking the Packers out of the playoffs every year.  Now Colin’s complete lack of growth means he’s a 28 year old quarterback who plays like a rookie, albeit one with terrific physical skills.

He’s done in San Francisco, but take heart.  It’s practically a done deal that Chip Kelly will want him to play for his team, so Colin will either be an Eagle next season or trying to find a way to convince the PAC-12 he has eligibility left.

qb destinations 2016

“Won’t anyone let me play for them?”

Robert Griffin III

He got his head and his body all messed up when joined that cult in Washington that also happens to have a football team.  Don’t worry though, Robert, I’ve got a great home for you in Kansas City, where Andy Reid, who tried to draft you with the Eagles, is going to need a back up quarterback to transition to a starter to replace the aging (and not particularly good Alex Smith).  Kind old Mr. Andy is great with young quarterbacks.  All we have to do is break you out of the cult, so be ready!

Miami Dolphins

What oh what are the Dolphins to do?  They still have Ryan Tannehill, but no one really wants Ryan Tannehill anymore.  They’d release him into the wild, but they have no one else to turn to instead.  Look for Miami to keep Ryan around until they have somebody better to try out.

Blaine Gabbert

Poor Blaine.  Everyone hated him at his old job.  But that was then and this is now.

I’m happy to report that Blaine probably has a job next year, because San Francisco is such a mess and you can fix everything at once. Way to go Blaine!

qb destinations 2016

For the price of a cup of coffee, you could help

Houston Texans

The Texans have tried and tried to have a quarterback of their own but they keep coming up with David Carr and Matt Schaub and Ryan Mallet.

I don’t think Brian Hoyer is their long term solution and, once again, they’ve won too many games to have a high draft pick.  The good news for Houston though is that this year’s bunch of college quarterbacks aren’t setting the world on fire so it’s entirely possible that a Jared Goff or that guy from Michigan State will still be around when they pick.  Let’s all hope it works out!

Johnny Manziel

Poor, poor, poor, poor Johnny.  I feel like Sarah McLachlan should be signing something sad while I talk about Johnny’s plight.  Evil old Mike Pettine hates him, and even though Johnny isn’t perfect, he deserves better than irrational old Mike Pettine.

But Mike Pettine is probably gone, so what will the Browns do?

I think they might just stand pat.  Bring back Josh McCown, keep Johnny Manziel, and use their top 5 or so draft pick on some other area of need.  There aren’t any elite quarterback prospects this year, and the good news for Johnny is that a new coach MIGHT just give him a chance.  Then again, don’t count your chickens, Johnny.  Look at what happened to poor Robert Griffin.


Images via Telegraph, BP, Top Bet.