Many NFL teams are entering the homestretch of the regular season. Here are the NFL betting lines for Week 16 and previews of all the matchups.

Two weeks to go, and I’m tantalizingly close to closing the gap between my crappy picks all year and .500.  Fortunately, there’s probably more information available now than at any time during the season, so if you can’t find the cherries on this crabapple tree, you have no one to blame but yourself.

What we also have this week is over half a dozen games with direct playoff implications, and a couple of straight up win now or don’t bother coming back games for your amusement.  Happy Holidays everybody!

Last Week’s Picks:    8-7-1        Best:  3-1-1

Season Totals:    118-121-7    Best:  28-32-2


Washington (+3) @Philadelphia (Westgate Superbook)

If Washington wins this game, they win the NFC East and make the playoffs.  Not so fast, however.  If the Eagles win, and win next week against the Giants, they win the NFC East and make the playoffs.  And if some other stuff happens, the Giants make the playoffs.  Bottom line, an NFC East team has a chance to do something definitive and with finality.  I predict no way in hell does that happen.

Philadelphia Eagles 24 Washington RacialSlurs 20


NY Giants (+6) @Minnesota (MGM Mirage)

Odell Beckham, Jr. probably won’t play in this game, as I think his one game suspension will be upheld.  Even if he doesn’t, however, Minnesota has not impressed me down the stretch at all.  And the Giants are the kings of making it close before blowing it at the end.  That’s my prediction here, so I’m looking at taking the 6, even though I think the Vikings can hold serve.

Minnesota Vikings 31 New York Giants 27


Chicago (+3) @Tampa Bay (Westgate Superbook)

This is a good game to stay away from.  Tampa hasn’t really looked that impressive of late, and the Bears look like the “we quit” Bears of old.  Only Miami has shown less interest in football this month.  I figure the Bucs may still have some get up left in them as they’re young and idealistic while Jay Cutler is already thinking of ways to spend all that money he makes in the offseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Chicago Bears 21


Dallas (+7) @Buffalo (5Dimes)

The Bills have lost back to back games against NFC East opponents that on paper aren’t as good they are.  Do YOU think they have anything left.  I sure don’t.  In fact, I’m taking the Cowboys to win outright.

Dallas Cowboys 21 Buffalo Bills 20


Jacksonville (+3.5) @New Orleans (

Drew Brees may not play in this game, which is too bad, because I was considering a play on the over given how awful these two defenses are and how good these two offenses are.  Either way, you still get Jacksonville’s offense having a run at the Saints non-existent stop unit, and that’s enough to take the 3.5 points.

Jacksonville Jaguars 28 New Orleans Saints 27


New England (-3.5) @NY Jets (Westgate Superbook)

As much as I respect what the Jets have done this year, the buck stops here.  New England isn’t going to blow their chance to have homefield throughout the playoffs, and unlike a lot of Patriots games, this one figures to be a defensive standoff.  I think the Jets might actually finish within 3 points here, but they fall short of the prize.

New England Patriots 22 New York Jets 20


Houston (-4.5) @Tennessee

There’s no line on this game which is stupid.  Brian Hoyer may be out, in which case Brandon Weeden will play.  Really?  Since when is Brian Hoyer Johnny Unitas?  It makes almost difference which QB Houston uses, because the Titans are without Marcus Mariota, and they have stunk the joint up without him.  I wish I had something to use as a line besides the open because I’d put this in Best Picks if I did.

Houston Texans 23 Tennessee Titans 14


Green Bay (+4.5) @Arizona (Westgate Superbook)

This is a big game for a number of reasons.  First, the Cardinals need to prove they can win without Tyron Mathieu.  That’s not a given – he’s that good.  Second, this is the Packers’ chance to show that they belong in the elite group of teams vying for a Super Bowl.  Right now, people are treating them like second tier behind teams like Seattle.  Finally, this is for pole position.  The Packers haven’t locked up the North and the Cardinals haven’t locked up a bye.  This is a big one.  I think the Cardinals can win this game, but I think this one has a playoff atmosphere to it and I don’t think it’s a blowout by any stretch.  Expect Green Bay to stay within a field goal.

Arizona Cardinals 27 Green Bay Packers 24


St. Louis (+14.5) @Seattle (5Dimes)

I know the Seahawks have been stomping everyone in their path, but I can’t see giving two touchdowns plus to a defense as good as St. Louis in a divisional rivalry game.  I’d rather stay away from this one altogether.

Seattle Seahawks 21 St. Louis Rams 10


St. Louis @Seattle o/u 41 (Stations)

I’m also willing to take a flyer on this one on the under.  I’m not completely in love with this side as the Rams are capable of turning it over, shortening the field and giving Seattle a chance to run it up, but I like the idea of the Rams running clock with Todd Gurley while both defenses clamp down for most of the game.

Seattle Seahawks 21 St. Louis Rams 10


Pittsburgh (-11.5) @Baltimore (5Dimes)

Let me just say that this is another game I would absolutely not play.  Pittsburgh by all rights ought to smash the Ravens into little pieces of Raven, but Baltimore/Pittsburgh is one of the defining rivalries of the 21st century.  I just can’t believe Baltimore will let the Steelers jam them like that.  Don’t bet this game, but if you do, take Baltimore and the points.

Pittsburgh Steelers 28 Baltimore Ravens 17


Cincinnati (+3) @Denver (William Hill)

This one is very shaky, and it’s the kind of game I also say “watch don’t bet.”  Denver has more to lose here than the Bengals, so I’m picking them to come up with a huge defensive effort in aid of a victory.  This is a huge game with mega playoff implications and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

Denver Broncos 20 Cincinnati Bengals 14



nfl betting lines week 16

This whole Santa gig is temporary, if Steven Jackson doesn’t work out, I have a tryout with the Patriots next week.

NY Giants @Minnesota o/u 45.5 (MGM Mirage)

The Giants defense is terrible.  If the Saints defense wasn’t even worse, everyone would be talking about the Giants D being epically bad.  The Giants offense, meanwhile, is one of the best in the league, and Minnesota is missing some key people on the defensive side of the ball.  It all adds up to a shootout, like the Giants seem to get into every week.    Take the over.

Minnesota Vikings 31 New York Giants 27


Carolina (-7) @Atlanta (Westgate Superbook)

In the Panthers I trust.  I’m a little concerned that all of the Josh Norman/baseball bat nonsense may cost the team a little focus, but the last time they played Atlanta it was if they were running practice drills.  Carolina by a whole lot.

Carolina Panthers 31 Atlanta Falcons 20


San Francisco (+10) @Detroit (Pinnacle)

I am positively stunned to see a double digit line here.  The 49ers are not good, but neither are the Lions.  In fact, two weeks ago the Niners might well have been favored in this matchup.  A good game or two does not suddenly mean the Detroit Lions are going to steamroll anyone.  Lions -10?  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Detroit Lions 24 San Francisco 49ers 17


Indianapolis (+1.5) @Miami (Westgate Superbook)

The Colts’ season isn’t over yet, and even though they’re not very good, they do still show up every week.  Miami hasn’t shown up for a football game since Halloween.  The Dolphins have quit on their coach, their quarterback and themselves.  Nothing is a bigger kiss of death in the NFL than not wanting to be there.

Indianapolis Colts 21 Miami Dolphins 16


Cincinnati @Denver o/u 41 (William Hill)

I’m banking on the two defenses here to step up in aid of offenses missing key players.  This has all the hallmarks of a knock down drag it out defensive slugfest.  Enjoy it, because the NFL is legislating this kind of game out of existence.  5 years from now, you won’t be able to see one like it.  P.S.  Merry Christmas and take the under.

Denver Broncos 20 Cincinnati Bengals 14
Featured image source via Sporting News Twitter