Many NFL teams are entering the homestretch of the regular season. Here are the NFL betting lines for Week 15 and previews of all the matchups.

There are just three weeks left in the NFL’s regular season and every week from here on out will feature a number of games with teams in do or die situations.  How does that added pressure work on the field?  In some cases, teams will rise to the occasion, in others, they’ll shrivel from the spotlight.

On the flip side, now that some teams have been eliminated, you’ll see some tailor made blowouts on the schedule as well.

Are they wager worthy?  Do teams that have clinched lose a little edge or do they keep the pedal to the metal as they approach the finish line?

All of these elements are in play this week and it creates a number of good opportunities to place your bets.

Last Week’s Picks:    11-7        Best:  2-3

Season Totals:    110-114-6    Best:  25-31-1

Denver (+6) @Pittsburgh (My Top Sportsbooks)

This is one of those games where the line might be telling you to take Pittsburgh. 6 seems high, so why is it so high?  Is it because the Steelers are rolling right now and Denver is looking iffy.  Maybe.  The Broncos defense is tough though, so I’m going to buck my own trend and bet that Denver can stay in this game for long enough to keep it close.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Denver Broncos 24


Chicago (+5.5) @Minnesota (Westgate Superbook)

Even though the home team has dominated this division rivalry, Minnesota is still missing key defensive players to injury.  I don’t trust the Bears as far as I can throw them, but I find it hard to believe that the Vikings, who have been struggling for the last several weeks, suddenly get slap happy and put up a huge margin of victory.

Minnesota Vikings 24 Chicago Bears 20


Atlanta (+3) @Jacksonville (Westgate Superbook)

This is huge game for the Jaguars.  Atlanta is struggling, but they’re still a dangerous team, and Jacksonville will have to play their best to win.  The key though is that they NEED this game.  They still face Houston and could still claw their way to the top of the AFC South, but that’s all out the window if they can’t pull this one off.   Go Jags.

Jacksonville Jaguars 30 Atlanta Falcons 24


Houston (pick ‘em) @Indianapolis

I don’t why an official line hasn’t been set for this game.  It’s definitely TJ Yates going for the Texans and Matt Hasselbeck is listed as “probable”.  If he doesn’t play it’ll be Charlie Whitehurst.  The game opened as a pick ‘em so that’s what I’m using.  Either way, the Colts absolutely stink.  The Texans also stink, but their defense has shown some signs of life so I’m taking them here.  Don’t watch this game.  It also stinks.

Houston Texans 19 Indianapolis Colts 17


Kansas CIty (-7) @Baltimore (Golden Nugget)

I’m not crazy about giving a touchdown with the Chiefs on the road, but the Ravens are such a disaster, are you really gonna bet on Jimmy Clausen?  I’d lay off this game altogether.  The Chiefs need to win it and will, but who knows if they win easy or hard.

Kansas City Chiefs 21 Baltimore Ravens 13


Buffalo (pick ‘em) @Washington (Stations)

The Bills have let me down numerous times this season, but I just refuse to believe that a truly awful RacialSlurs team won’t eventually sink back down to their own level.  With clenched teeth, I take Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills 24 Washington RacialSlurs 21


Tennessee (+14) @New England (Westgate Superbook)

By all accounts, the Patriots are in no condition to be giving fourteen points to anyone.  Except one.  They caught a massive break last week when Cincinnati and Denver both lost, putting them back in the top spot in the AFC.  You think they’re giving that up now?  They’re the Patriots.  They live for this shit.  They shouldn’t be able to pulverize the Titans but they will.

New England Patriots 34 Tennessee Titans 17


Green Bay (-3.5) @Oakland (Treasure Island)

Did I miss something?  Are the Packers suddenly not in the funk they’ve been for the last month and a half?  How are they giving 3 on the road to a dangerous Raiders team?  I bet the Packers win this game but only by a little luck and not by more than 3 points.

Green Bay Packers 26 Oakland Raiders 24


Cincinnati (-4.5) @San Francisco (Westgate Superbook)

We’re going to find out a lot about just how much trouble the Bengals are in this week.  I think they’re going to be OK with A.J. McCarron, however, and the rest of the team should be elevated by the news that Andy Dalton is likely going to be available for the playoffs.  Now it’s up to Cincinnati not to blow the #1 or #2 spot and the bye that comes with it.

Cincinnati Bengals 28 San Francisco 49ers 21


Detroit (+3) @New Orleans (Westgate Superbook)

Aw hell, who the f**k knows about this one.  Both of these teams ought to be better than they are, but they’re not.  When in doubt, take the better quarterback.  Take us home, Drew Brees!

New Orleans Saints 31 Detroit Lions 27



nfl betting lines week 15

I am here to play the quarterback for the Browns. Is there a Mike Pettine here? He has asked me to come.

NY Jets (-3) @Dallas (MGM Mirage)

I seriously admire the New York Jets this season.  They started to falter midseason and then came on strong and rallied around Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The Jets are tough.  They may not get to the playoffs, they probably will need a little help even if they win out, but they are more than ready to beat an already beaten-down Dallas team whose season ended in week 3 but they didn’t realize it until later.  Well now they realize it.  They’re finished.  Jets roll.

New York Jets 24 Dallas Cowboys 14


Carolina (-6) @NY Giants (

I absolutely LOVE the Giants in this spot.  The Panthers haven’t been blowing people out except for team they should be blowing out.  The Giants are capable of winning this game outright, and they’re also capable of taking a lead into the last two minutes and then blowing it.  I rather expect that’s how this one ends, but I’ll take the 6 points all the way to the bank.

Carolina Panthers 23 New York Giants 21


Arizona (-3) @Philadelphia (Atlantis Reno)

The Eagles appear to be playing better, but I assure you this is an illusion.  They are the same kind of frauds as Washington, and they’re going to exposed this week against the best team in the NFL.   Arizona by a lot.

Arizona Cardinals 28 Philadelphia Eagles 20


Cleveland (+14) @Seattle (MGM Mirage)

I don’t normally like giving big time points, but Cleveland is in such a state of dysfunction, it’s hard not to want to.  Mike Pettine hates Johnny Manziel so much he’s taken to calling all the wrong plays for Manziel’s style of play.  If other young quarterbacks got the lack of support Manziel has gotten, they’d have questionable stats and play to show for it too.  That won’t cut it against a surging Seahawks team who will be in their own building and it will be LOUD.  Add in that Joe Haden is out for the year so the Browns can’t cover anyone either.  This will be ugly.

Seattle Seahawks 35 Cleveland Browns 10


Miami (+2) @San Diego (Wynn Las Vegas)

I think the Chargers are actually the worst team in the NFL right now, and that’s just incredible considering that they have Philip Rivers and some other real talent on the field.  They’re a disaster.  The Dolphins have underachieved this year, but they’ll beat this team, and easily.  The points are a bonus.

Miami Dolphins 27 San Diego Chargers 20


Featured image via Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter