Have you noticed some hideous and annoying on the field ads during preseason NFL games that you wish would just go away?

Well you’re not alone and the NFL is finally starting to take notice.

On the field ads are banned by the NFL but in recent years, the league has relaxed its rules to allow for local television stations to earn revenue on preseason games.

One such advertiser was Louisiana-based hot sauce maker, Slap Ya ‘Momma hot sauce, who advertised the name anytime a team was in the redzone.

NFL Bans On Field Advertisments Preseason Games

But that now changes because the NFL has banned all on the field advertisements during preseason games.

Some have speculated the change in on field advertisements were a direct result of both the name of this hot sauce and how badly the NFL handle the domestic violence case of Ravens’ running back, Ray Rice.

Frankly I don’t care what the advertisement is or the reasoning, I don’t want to see ads in the field of play. And I believe many fans would agree with me.

We talked before about how corporate America is ruining sports and allowing advertisements like this on the field of play to continue to be shown would be a mistake.

Mark this one as a win for the fans.