With the number 1 offense going against the number 1 defense, everyone expected a historic matchup with defensive plays and touchdowns galore.

Except, during this game, only one team was scoring the touchdowns.

The Seahawks routed Peyton Manning’s Broncos from the very first play of the game that resulted in a safety and Manning looking as a deer in headlights. From that point on, the Broncos couldn’t get anything going offensively and the Seahawks created more turnovers that no football team could recover from.

The team that allowed only 16 touchdowns through 16 games pounded the Broncos 48-8 to earn their first Superbowl championship in franchise history.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best moments of the Superbowl show (commercials included)….

Joe Namath helped almost screw up the coin toss wearing this fabulous jacket. Remind you of anyone?


Gotta love someone who’s a diehard of their team so much, they still pick them to win. Even when said team is sitting at home.


Peyton Manning’s play didn’t live up to expectations. Which caused a couple memes to sprout up. Here a couple good ones:



Captain Picard and Gandalf are a little confused over which kind of football (fubol) they were going to watch.


If your team just won the Superbowl, how would you act? This gentleman (NSFW ) decided to run around naked. And considering the circumstances, I think that’s ok.

ScreenHunter_33 Feb. 03 11.39

But THIS guy was skilled(?) enough to get through Superbowl security, without even a game ticket, into a press conference of Malcolm Smith’s postgame interview to talk about investigating the government over the 9/11 conspiracy.

Aside from the funny commercials that we usually see, Coke took a different approach when it came to singing America the Beautiful. Much like our diverse nation, the commercial featured many languages singing the song, which resulted in a slew of ignorant tweets claiming they were “insulted” and “our anthem should be sung in English”. Perhaps if these people actually did some research, they would know the United States has NO official language. While English is the predominant language that’s spoken, an official language was left out of our constitution. On purpose.

While I understand that many immigrants generations before us took the time to learn the language, I believe the Coke commercial was highlighting the concept that is our country–diversity. No need to be frightened by it. No one is taking away your language. Relax.

Overall, the Superbowl commercials weren’t that great this year. You can see all that aired on the Superbowl Commercials website. But my favorite is still the Tebow/T-Mobile no contract commercial. The rest were meh.

ScreenHunter_33 Jan. 31 10.56

For all the sad Broncos fans out there, here’s a little mini pony that probably won’t help heal this loss.