Did you know that Peyton and Eli Manning are BROTHERS?!

Shocking. I know. But for most NFL fans, we’ve only heard stories here and there throughout the entire time the Manning brothers have played in the league together.

And to commemorate possibly the last time Peyton will ever face his little brother Eli, ESPN’s fantastic 30 for 30 documentary series was able to sit down with football’s royal family to talk about growing up, father Archie and the oldest brother nobody knows about because he doesn’t play football.

In the special that airs next Tuesday night, we can see numerous home movies of all three brothers growing up and taking football as early as 3 years old. Their personalities shine through in the intimate videos with the same characteristics you can see on the field today.

In their third on-the-field meeting this past Sunday, Peyton earned his third win for a perfect 3-0 against baby brother. But it’s Eli who owns the ultimate trump card of winning two Superbowl’s to Peyton’s one.

“SEC Storied: The Book of Manning” premieres Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.