Before the start of the 2013 NFL season, all hell broke loose when the league decided to ban purses larger than the size of your hand, unless it was in a clear bag that showed the items in your purse to the entire world.

Some NFL teams provided free clear bags to season ticket holders, but as with most free items, they weren’t the best quality. (mine didn’t even last a full season, and the Jags played in London for one of the games!)

But while most of us complained of the situation, the company Johnny Bag offered a solution to everyone’s problem.

A durable, clear bag that abides by the NFL clear purse rule, but also offers privacy of your items.

The Johnny Bag consists of two parts: An “inner part” that includes the plastic and handle style and an “outer part” that is a reversible zip-on attachment to the clear bag. Several handle options and colored fabric are available with more team-colored options on the way.

Using the bag with both parts hooked together, I carried my purse around from tailgate to tailgate during the season. When I arrived at the security line, I unzipped the fabric outer layer and breezed through security only to zip the bag back on after finishing at ticketing and security.

I used the bag for almost the entire season and it withheld all of the elements; even in Florida, the weather can change on a dime. Each piece is about $17 each, but you can also change out the fabric as much as you’d like.

Admittedly, having a website like this, we get offers to publish about all kinds of products. Some we pass on just because it doesn’t fit with the content that you would normally see here. But after trying this bag out, I certainly recommend it to combat this dumb NFL rule. And it wasn’t just my friends who took notice of the purse at the games.

There were instances where I unzipped the bag right in front of security and girls around me, including some of the security staff,  commented on what a great idea the purse was.

So while we can’t have our choice what bags we can bring into a game anymore, it’s good to know there are women-owned companies like this one that are out there creating solutions to our problems.



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