The Jaguars, who unlike any other team in the NFL with 51% of it’s fan base being female, have become the 7th team in the NFL to launch an official women’s club.

The membership looks to capitalize on what other fan clubs have seen success with and to also be seen as a thought leader in the NFL on attracting the female fan base that represents almost half of the overall market.

A few months ago, myself along with 6-7 other Jaguar fans were invited to a dinner with representatives from the Jaguars on the possibility of creating a women’s only fan club.

During the dinner, we were asked questions like

  • Would you join this fan club if we created it?
  • What would you expect out of it?
  • Other teams have free or paid options for their women’s fan club. What would you consider reasonable price for the club?
  • What kind of events/promotions/exclusives would you like to see from the Jag’s women’s club?

The conversation was extremely open and most, if not all, suggestions were taken from this select group of fans. Things that were stressed included discounts on merchandise, added variety to the NFL classes, social events, away-game viewing parties and exclusive gear that should be included for anyone who signs up.

Oh. And it was explicitly suggested, no pink gear in the welcome kits.

Considering everything the Jags are doing, which is much more than any other team, the cost of the membership is only $50. To put things into perspective, the Colts have had one of the best women’s club in the league, but charge double the price for essentially the same welcome kit. (no bias)

For some, the fact there’s a cost might shy you away at first, but if you’ve ever attended one of those NFL female workshops or other special event, you know they can get a little pricy so for a one-time membership fan club fee and considering all the other perks, becoming a member should be a n0-brainer.

Based off our suggestions during the dinner and what other teams are currently doing (or not doing), the Jaguars officially announced the new women’s club in an email that was sent out to all season ticket holders:

The Jaguars Women’s Club is a unique program designed to connect, provide exclusive experiences for, and engage the Jaguars’ female fans through updates, special offers, events and other benefits.

Jaguars Women’s Club members will have the opportunity to stay connected with the team and each other through social media, volunteer opportunities and other exclusive events.

Planned events include a launch party, health and wellness programs, NFL 101, monthly socials and a Women’s Football Clinic. Members will also receive 10% off of merchandise items purchased at EverBank Field on game day, as well as discounts with various retailers around town.

The Jaguars Women’s Club membership kit that includes:

  • Membership card
  • Tote bag
  • Women’s Club t-shirt
  • Charm bracelet
  • Koozie
  • Tumbler

All members who sign up by Friday, May 17 will be invited to attend the inaugural ‘Cleats & Cocktails’ event on Thursday, May 23, which will be hosted in the West Club of EverBank Field. The event will be free for all members plus one guest each and feature complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a wine tasting, raffle prizes, and appearances by Jaguars special guests.

What do you think about this new fan club? Think other teams should follow suit? Let us know in the comments…



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