It’s been a rough week for NFL fans, especially if you’re a female fan of the game.

We talked about what female fans of the NFL can do moving forward, but ESPN anchor Hannah Storm asked in a broadcast Sunday morning of what the NFL will stand for?

In a rare emotional moment, Storm, who has been covering sports for more than three decades, said it was a difficult conversation to have with her daughter on why Ray Rice was allowed to hit a woman and not be in jail. “I should have been talking to her about her first week having a fantasy football team. Instead, I’m having to talk about this” said Storm.

She goes on to echo the majority of football fans on the hot topic issue, “If the NFL and the Ravens had to see that video to be moved to significant action, should those who support the league demand the same? To see action? To see change before believing?”

This goes back to our expectations that the NFL should set the example, not react to it. It’s a privilege to play and be a part of this game. And it’s time the NFL required that kind of pride out of it’s players, no matter their skill level.

H/T Deadspin