It’s been a couple bad weeks in the NFL season so far, but this story about Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is one of the most touching stories you’ll hear in a long time.

Still, who was cut from the Bengals earlier this season, has a 4 year old daughter that was recently diagnosed with a kind of cancer called neuroblastoma. She’s Stage 4 and was given a 50/50 chance of survival. Still’s mind was obviously on something more important than football, so his focus and hard work didn’t show on the field, thus the reason he was cut.

But that’s when the Bengals did something creative.

Once he cleared waivers, the Bengals resigned Still to the practice squad so that he could still get health insurance to help cover the costs of his daughter’s treatment. Amazing, that one less worry allowed Still to refocus back on the field and just this past week, the Bengals resigned him to the starting 53-man roster.

Taking things a step further, the Bengals announced that all of the jersey sales for Still would go to benefit cancer research. Once it was announced, his jersey became the fastest selling jersey in the league’s history.

A special shoutout to the Bengals for stepping up and doing the right thing. The bonus is that NFL fans across the country can look to your team as leading by example.

Watch the full video below of Still and his adorable daughter…