“Daddy’s a psychic you beautiful b*tches” is one of a few hilarious sentences that came out of  Colts Punter Pat McAfee’s mouth when he realized he had correctly identified someone who had tried to scam him, ala the hit show Catfished.

Manti Te’o of course (according to him) fell for this same scam when he was contacted from a random female on the internet. Like Te’o, MaAfee felt suspicious about an attractive woman sending him messages on Twitter.

After communicating for a bit, MaAfee became suspicious and even had a dream about the situation that the woman contacting him was a man. He cut off contact and was watching the MTV show Catfish when the same person was on the show.

When he saw the show, he was in bed and looked at his two female dogs and says the awesome line “Daddy’s a psychic you beautiful b*tches”.

Check out the full story via McAfee’s Twitter postings below…

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