We know the NFL is full of characters and one-liners. So each week, we’re going to scout the post-game press conferences to find the best reactions for your reading pleasure. Check out the NFL’s best quotes from Week 17 below…


“I don’t think Brock did anything wrong. . .Just my gut told me to turn it over to Peyton and let him lead the football team.  It could not have been a bigger day for him to be there for us.” – Broncos coach Gary Kubiak, on Peyton Manning leading the Broncos to a crucial win in relief of  Brock Osweiler, securing them a first round bye and home field throughout.


“For somebody we plan on seeing tomorrow, we don’t say anything different.  Fingers crossed.” Lions DE Darryl Tapp, responding to ongoing rumors that coach Jim Caldwell will be fired.


“Oh, 1000 times yes.  Are you kidding me?” – Giants RB Rashad Jennings, when asked if he wanted Tom Coughlin to return next year to coach the Giants.


“If it was my choice, I’d want Dan Campbell as the coach next year, but I’m just the left tackle.” – Dolphins LT Branden Albert, expressing the hope that interim coach Dan Campbell will return next year as the head coach.


“Any time the season ends there’s lot of question marks so we’ll have to wait and see but I certainly hope he does.” – Saints QB Drew Brees, asked if coach Sean Payton would be returning next year.


“It felt good, it was a little sticky.  The last time they did that was my first game here. And I told them they couldn’t do it again until we won a championship.” – Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, on his Gatorade bath.


“Do not be deceived.  You will reap what you sow.” – Michigan Wolverines and former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, after his former assistant (and current 49ers coach) Jim Tomsula was fired by the team.


“I knew exactly where we were.” – Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, commenting on the Seahawks leading the league in fewest points allowed for the 4th straight season, making them only the second team in NFL history (the 1950s Browns were the first) to do so.


“I lost my cool. . .I don’t think I did enough to get ejected, but I’ll take the punishment. I’ve seen people do way worse. It is what it is. I guess the way I play, passionate throughout the year, they want to get me.” – Buccaneers WR Mike Evans, on getting ejected in the final two minutes of the season’s final game.


“He’s got to check it out and make sure he feels that would be a good thing. But I tell you what, I’m ready to get out of the cast.” – Bengals QB Andy Dalton, on whether he’ll be available to play in the playoffs.


“It’s the hardest, most difficult end to a season I’ve ever had.  In terms of how I feel right now and how painful of a loss that was.At this point, it doesn’t feel like a very great season.” – Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, on the team letting a playoff berth slip through its fingers.


“We’ll go anywhere to play anybody!” – Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, indicating that as long as his team was in the playoffs, he didn’t care what matchup they drew.


“This team is full of guys who are fighters.  From the top down. Starting with the owner, to the coaching staff down to each and every player on the roster.” – Texans CB Kareem Jackson, excited to have made the playoffs.



Raiders LT Donald Penn talks about something fans love, but don’t get to see very often – linemen scoring touchdowns:

“William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry was a little before my time, but he was a big influence on me growing up. When you talk about linemen scoring touchdowns, he was the guy. Running the ball, catching the ball, he did it all. That’s what made me want to be a lineman who scores touchdowns, watching ‘The Fridge’.  He gave all us linemen hope. . .

When one of us does get a chance to make a play on offense and get into the end zone, we gotta make the most of it, for ourselves, and for all the linemen all over the world.

I’ve gotten that chance three times in my 10 year NFL career, and hopefully there’s a lot more to come. Laying a huge hit or putting a guy on his back feels great and all, but ain’t nothin’ like scoring a touchdown. . .

This is where the magic happens. This is what sets the “big man” touchdown apart.

The “big man” celebration. . .The best touchdown dance from a lineman I’ve ever seen has to be Warren Sapp, hands down. When he scored a touchdown on offense with the Bucs back in 1999, he killed it with his dance.  At the time, I didn’t know what he was doing. I just thought it was hilarious. Then I heard somebody say he was doing some kind of a Beyonce dance.  But I don’t know … I don’t think it looked like that when Beyonce did it.”

I hope you found this treasure of a tidbit as thoughtful and funny as I did.  I just became a Donald Penn fan for next season.  Score bigman score!


Featured image via USA Today