We know the NFL is full of characters and one-liners. So each week, we’re going to scout the post-game press conferences to find the best reactions for your reading pleasure. Check out the NFL’s best quotes from Week 16 below…


“This team is going to get so much better really, really soon.  Though this is my last game at the Coliseum, just know that I will never leave you.” – Future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, saying goodbye to Oakland Raiders’ fans after his final home game.


“A lot of guys on this team, I was surprised how many have never been in the postseason. Guys that started in this league, high draft picks, have been here for years, and never been in this postseason, that says a lot right there.  Guys bought into the program and we got things done.” – Washington S Dashon Goldston, after his team’s decisive win to clinch a playoff berth.


“Guys are not used to losing.  It kind of sucks, man.” – Panthers CB Josh Norman, on having the team’s 18 game regular season winning streak snapped.


“We have to get off the bus and come out here like fire. Set the tempo. Make big plays.” – Steelers LB Lawrence Timmons, on what the team needed on Sunday.


“I saw somebody flash and made a mistake.  I had plenty of time and was out of the pocket to throw that ball away. Like I said, that was the play that really sticks out where we gave up points. That’s our touchdown drive that we needed right there. Instead we had to got three and had to try and get another one, so I’m pretty upset.” – Browns QB Johnny Manziel, on mistakenly throwing the ball to his ineligible right tackle during a crucial red zone drive.


“I thought that was the best thing to do.” – Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on his decision to kick off in OT.


“I don’t anticipate that it will be anything other than it’s been, that’s he’s here. He’s a great Lion. He does a tremendous job. That’s what I expect.  You guys expect me to talk into the future. You know, I don’t even have my boss. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen there. Don’t ask me questions I don’t have questions to.” Lions coach Jim Caldwell discussing Calvin Johnson’s future in Detroit, and his own.


“There are great players throughout the entire draft.” – Cowboys LB Sean Lee, on whether the Cowboys would be better off losing next week to get a better pick.


“It was my first personal foul penalty, and it should be my last.” – Rams P Johnny Hekker, on his brief foray into “bad boy” football when he laid an illegal block from behind on the Seahawks Cliff Avril.


“It is disappointing, because players, players, make or don’t make plays, not the coaches.” – Giants RB Rashad Jennings, making a pitch for head coach Tom Coughlin to remain in New York.


“I thought he was unbelievable.  I think that’s what everyone has come to expect from Drew.” – Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, giving props to the Saints Drew Brees on a bravura performance despite playing with an injured foot.


“That’s really a quarterback’s best friend.” – Texans OC George Godsey, on breakout WR DeAndre Hopkins.


“I’ve been around this league a long, long time and I’ve seen a lot of crazy and despicable things.  This is among the worst I’ve ever witnessed.  I can tell you there isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that what Peyton is saying isn’t 1,000-percent accurate. Nothing I can point to in my days, not one thing, leads me to believe he would even think of breaking a rule.  Not Peyton.  Never.” – ESPN analyst and former Colts GM Bill Polian, on the rumors about Peyton Manning using HGH.



Turning serious for a moment, there’s a truly powerful piece by former Jet Marvin Washington on players tribune about concussions that I recommend EVERYONE immediately go and read (and then log back onto guysgirl and finish reading our stuff!)   Here’s an excerpt:

“On the plane ride back to New York, I read the stat sheet and realized I had no memory of the game I had just played in. It wasn’t until the following Thursday, that my recall started coming back and I had use of my short term memory. I had a slight headache still, but my Tylenols helped. I never thought about anything more serious being wrong, because who didn’t play hurt this late in the season? This is the NFL. You can play hurt, you just can’t play injured.

I truly do appreciate the game of football for the unique life lessons it can provide. But that being said, CTE is the NFL’s industrial disease. A recent study from Boston University found that 87 out of 91 former NFL players tested positive for CTE.”


Featured Image via Charlotte Observer