It should go without saying sleep is extremely important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and one team that knows the importance of sleep is the undefeated Denver Broncos.

Earlier this summer the team partnered with Bedgear, a company with a performance bedding lineup to include custom fit pillows with heat deflection technology.

“Performance bedding lineup? What kind of a salesy-term is this?” is probably what you’re asking yourself but technology and research behind getting a good night’s sleep has improved drastically over the years.

And why shouldn’t it?

Studies have shown those who average 8-9 hours of sleep per night weigh on average 11lbs less than those that don’t. And getting at least 7-hours of sleep per night helps avoid conditions like diabetes, breast cancer, psychological disorders, overall heart health and breathing problems.

Because so many of us are busy, we don’t get the proper amount of sleep per night. Which is why Bedgear focuses on controlling what happens when you finally shut off the cell and Netflix and actually chill.

From their website:

Our pillows  feature cutting-edge fabric technology similar to what is used in leading athletic sportswear brands.  Our technology includes the following:

-Moisture and heat wicking Dri-Tec® fabric surface (our highest growth product and reduces tossing and turning)

-REACT™ ergo molding memory foam solid core for neck and spinal support.

-BOOST™ foam crown layer ensuring weightless pressure relief that won’t bottom out, creating the perfect pillow for soft support.

-AIR-X ® technology that keeps air flowing, moving heat away from your head neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures in the pillow core. Reduces “pillow flipping” so you sleep more restful.

-Ver-Tex® revolutionary fiber provides unparalleled climate control- it is cool to the touch.

bedgear performance bedding

I woke up like this

Normally I don’t fully endorse products on GG because it’s tough to write about something if you’ve never used the product. But Bedgear sent me a custom pillow based off my sleeping patterns and after a month of using each night, it’s now my go-to pillow. Even for nap time.

Yes, nap time. You know that thing you hated when you were 5-years-old but can’t seem to get enough of now that you’re an adult? This pillow is for you. But it’s not just any pillow. Bedgear finds a custom fit based off your sleeping patterns and how you physically sleep in your bed.

Just listen to the description:

Whether you sleep with your arm under your pillow, rest your shoulders on your pillow, or sleep on your side, our “Storm” pillow series is designed with YOU in mind! The REACT™ foam contours to your body and provides optimum alignment for your head, neck and shoulders. Our 6.0 Ver-Tex Climate Control Fabric also provides instant heat deflection and airflow to keep you cool throughout the night.

Still not convinced? How about learning the company also custom fit players and coaching staff for another professional team, the Mets. And they’re headed to the World Series.

To get a custom fit pillow and performance sheets, it’s going to set you back a couple hundred bucks. But when you consider the pros of getting a good night’s sleep in your daily life, it’s money well spent.

Because if you spend an estimated 25 years in your lifetime only sleeping, you should throw a little extra cash to make sure you’re spending that time comfortably. Especially when it can positively impact every other aspect of your life.