The AFC playoff race in 2015 is a joke. The Chiefs, Jets and Steelers are all tied at 8-5 but there’s just two playoff spots up for grabs because one of them has to go to the Houston Rejects, the Indianapolis Trash or whoever else might come along and win the AFC South.

The Chiefs are likely to win out, so they’ll get one of the spots.  The Jets still have the Patriots on the schedule, while the Steelers have the Broncos.

I don’t know the exact tiebreakers that would come into play; I only know that the best offense in the AFC resides in Pittsburgh and a world class defense equally as good as Denver, Cincinnati or Carolina mans the field for the Jets.

One of those teams will probably be watching the playoffs at home while a team like the .500 Houston Texans and a sub .500 Giants or RacialSlurs team in the NFC get to compete in the postseason.

Not only in this unfair, it makes no business sense.

Who wants to watch Seattle or Pittsburgh wipe their ass with some also-ran shit team who happened to win a division in the first round of the playoffs?

Change the damn rules already!

This Week’s Sucked And Won

Case Keenum, QB (STL):  I know, it’s redundant to say this guy sucks, but seriously.  This guy threw for 124 yards and a pick.  Without a monster game from Todd Gurley, the Rams put up another single digit stinker and lose their 6th straight.

Congratulations to the Raiders Khalil Mack who tied a team record set by the legendary Howie Long.  Mack recorded 5 sacks in one game this week against the Denver Broncos.  Brock Osweiler is going to be seeing this guy in his sleep.

Shocking Realization of the Week

Seattle’s Tyler Lockett became only the 2nd player in NFL history to score 5 receiving touchdowns, a punt return touchdown and a kickoff return touchdown in his rookie season.  The first?  Gale Sayers, all the way back in 1965.

Stupidity From the Eagles/Bills game

By the Eagles:  With the team protecting a 3 point lead and 2:07 to go, Sam Bradford takes a 15 yard sack when he could have just thrown the ball away.

By the Bills:  They absolutely kill themselves, taking 15 penalties for 101 yards.

By the dreadful announcing team of Solomon Wilcots and Spero Dedes (get ready, there are a lot more of these):

Endless blabbering about how Bills RB LeSean McCoy breaks the ball to the outside too much and that’s why the Eagles traded him.  As soon as the Eagles offense takes the field, point out that RB DeMarco Murray is a bad fit for the offense (why?  because he can’t break the ball to the outside…sigh).

“Are the Bills going to go for it?” – It was 3rd and 4 when this statement was made.  What the hell would they do, quick kick?

With 2:07 left on the clock, stating how crucial it was for the Eagles to run the ball (it was 3rd and 6, a definite passing situation) to get the first down.   Of course, with the 2 minute warning imminent and the clock about to stop after the next play either way, it was completely irrelevant whether the Eagles ran the ball or not.

THIS HAS BEEN Stupidity from the Eagles/Bills game

This Week’s Great But Lost

AJ Green ,WR (CIN):  Green put up his usual type game, 6 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown.  What made it particularly remarkable this week was that starting quarterback Andy Dalton went down with a broken thumb in the first quarter, and Green did all of his damage with back up AJ McCarron throwing him the ball.  No word yet on just how long Dalton will be out, but this could have huge ramifications in the AFC.

This week’s catch of the day was by Washington TE Jordan Reed, who hauled in a Kirk Cousins pass at around the 6 and then bashed his way into the endzone (he was ruled down at the 1).  Either way, the power run after catch symbolized the monster day Reed put up against the Bears, as he was absolutely unstoppable on Sunday.

Thursday Pick:  Tampa Bay (+1) @St. Louis (Westgate Superbook)

The Rams finally broke their losing streak while Tampa Bay’s loss this week pretty much eliminates them from the playoffs.  As buoyant as Tampa has been all season, I think playing on short rest after that might leave them just a little flat.

St. Louis Rams 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17


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