As we hit Week 9 there are still four undefeated teams and still a bunch of teams in complete disarray. These were my first quarter awards, with some hits and some misses.

The Miami Dolphins turnaround was a surprise, even though it was only against the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans so we’ll see what happens. The Baltimore Ravens still haven’t lost a game by more than one score, but it’s too late for them. I’ll take another go at it with some 2015 NFL midseason awards.

MVP: Tom Brady

It almost has to be Brady, considering the fact that Rodger’s has fell back down to earth. He leads the league in TD passes and is second in yards. They will be favorites in every game.

Next Coach To Get Fired: Jim Tomsula

In the first quarter awards I said Jim Caldwell should’ve been fired, but they put the blame on their offensive coordinator and then got killed in London the week after. The Titans just fired head coach Ken Wisenhunt and the Colts fired offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. I don’t think anymore midseason firings will happen so that leaves who will get fired right after the season. My best bet would be Jim Tomsula of the 49ers. He doesn’t seem like a 2-year coach and they should completely clean house there.

Unless Blaine Gabbert brings them back to li-hahahahaHAHAHAHA

Best Performance: Drew Brees

Brees’ 500 plus yards and seven touchdowns takes the cake. Eli Manning threw six touchdowns but that wasn’t enough. That’s all that needs to be said.

Biggest Injury for Team’s Hopes: Tony Romo

The Le’veon Bell injury is giant, but Williams will fill in good enough for him to go along with all the other pieces. What’s clear is that the Cowboys won’t win a game until Romo comes back. Bryant came back but with no quarterback it can only help so much. They are probably out of the playoff picture already.

Starting QB who won’t be one next season: Sam Bradford

Peyton Manning might retire and Kaepernick is already benched but the Eagle’s starting QB has looked bad throughout the year. Many, including me, thought that Bradford would thrive in Chip Kelly’s system. He has done anything but that besides maybe one good half of football all season. I think the Eagles have to replace him and it’s hard to see him winning a starting job somewhere else in the offseason.

Team Over .500 That Will Miss the Playoffs: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings sit at 5-2, not having any impressive wins. Bridgewater looks like a game manager and his six touchdown passes through seven games back that up. Yes, Peterson is having a good comeback year and the defense is pretty good. But with two games against Green Bay, one against Denver and the though part of the NFC West, they won’t win 10 games this season.