The goofy Power Rangers of the 90’s that many have come to know and love are officially dead. Because this new fan-made movie is the gritty, desolate and somewhat depressing film fans have deserved for years.

Starring Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly/Pink Ranger, James Van Der Beek as Rocky Russ Bain as Tommy/Green Ranger, Will Yun Lee as General Klank and Gichi Gamba as Zack/Black Ranger in a short film that could pave the way for a full-length feature film.

Watch it below….


When you’re watching the Power Rangers of the 90’s, it’s a kids show and naturally, it’s very light-hearted and every show ends with Rita vowing to “get those kids” though she always comes up short.

But if you think about it, these teenagers are fighting and killing enemies daily and eventually that has to take an emotional toll on these kids. Which is why film makers Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn teamed up to show how that might turn them into severely disturbed adults.

As someone who was an avid fan of the original Power Rangers show and in the damn fan club, if this is the direction the franchise will take in movie-form, I’ll be the first one in line for the midnight release.