Did you ever wish area businesses would help in the signing of free agents? Well one Baltimore restaurant is doing just that with their offer to Orioles with free crab cakes for life.

Earlier this year, all eyes were on the Baltimore Orioles and how they were going to handle signing their superstar, Chris Davis.

In 2015, Davis was in the last year of his contract but managed to hit the largest number of home runs in MLB and was one of the bright shining stars in an otherwise dreary Orioles team.

Knowing his value, the Orioles decided to give Davis a mega contract for 7-years $161 million and easily the biggest contract in Orioles franchise history.

As if the big contract from the Orioles wasn’t enough, Baltimore restaurant Jimmy’s Seafood has officially given Davis free crab cakes for life. Perks of the job, right?

But now Jimmy’s Seafood is using the same tactic in an attempt to entice the possible future Orioles, free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes has previously played for the Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox and the Detriot Tigers, but most recently played for the New York Mets before moving into free agency. During his three-year stint with the Mets, Cespedes batted an average of .271, hit in 367 runs and knocked out 106 home runs.

Even with the offer from Jimmy’s Seafood, it looks like the Orioles will end up passing on Cespedes for now. With the mega deal already granted to Davis, it seems more than likely that the Orioles will give up on their chase of Cespedes.

Though if the Orioles don’t give up on Cespedes, the silver lining for him includes free crab cakes for life and likely ending up with a high paying contract.