I’ve grown a little tired of parents filming their kids after bad sports losses. But this little girl surprised with New England Patriots game day tickets is everything.

Bella had one wish for her 8th birthday and that was to see her Patriots play. After returning home from school, she was surprised with a gift in her backpack. After pulling out a brand new Tom Brady jersey, this is how the conversation transpired between her and her mom:

Bella: “I’m going to the game? No you didn’t…”

Mom: “Yep, I got two tickets.”

Bella: “Me and you?”

/runs to hug her mom as she starts to cry tears of joy.

As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan who suffered an embarrassing loss to the Patriots on Sunday, I’m genuinely happy Bella was there to enjoy it and celebrate her birthday.

I only ask next that next time she throws me a bone and wishes the game was a little more competitive.

H/T For the Win