What can I say about this Super Bowl that hasn’t already been said?

Well, plenty.

On Monday, I was on ‘The Chat’ to talk about the terrible commercials. And on Tuesday’s ‘Helmets and Heels’, I likened Bill Belichick to the scene in Gladiator where the snake waits for his prey to come to him. You can listen/view both of them below.

It was a hell of a game. And despite how terrible the Jaguars played all season, it was one hell of a football season.

But I’m glad it’s over.

I’ve been writing about sports since 2009 and this was the first season where I quadrupled my broadcasts per week on top of managing the creative and business operations for GuysGirl. Don’t get me wrong—too much work is a great problem to have.  But making the adjustment from attending sports as a fan to working as a broadcaster has certainly been a challenge where adjustments need to be made.

When I start making my 2017 plans, most people are a few weeks into their New Year’s resolutions. To make these plans I conduct an annual review which analyzes where time is spent, ways to improve and how to achieve the ultimate balance between work and life. Call me weird, but I enjoy the opportunity to self assess.

If you’ve never tried a work + life balance review, I highly recommend it. Just block off a weekend, a few hours, whatever it takes. Because small productivity adjustments can lead to a happier life and higher earning potential.

While most of the adjustments I’ll be making are behind the scenes, one notable change is how future GuysGirl shows and content will be handled.

Back in August, I decided on a whim to start a livestream podcast. I had zero clue what I was doing but I recorded every Monday and Friday on news topics and prayed the audio was satisfactory.

I once recorded a solo show for two hours and didn’t realize until it was over I had no audio for the entire duration. Do you have any idea how much talking is done for a two-hour solo podcast? Afterwards I nearly set my computer on fire.

This past football season taught me a number of ways to create content around the game but a news format only works well from training camp to the Super Bowl. Now that we’ve reached the off-season, it’s time to switch gears a bit.

In short, if you liked our Super Bowl Craft Beer // Food Pairings episode, I’m willing to bet you’ll love the shows we have coming up in the offseason. They won’t all be about craft beer but they will feature some kick ass women, female fan culture pieces and also shine a light some behind the scenes of how I run GuysGirl. Who knows, maybe I’ll inspire you to take your own entrepreneurial leap—This is exactly what I’m hoping for FYI.

New GuysGirl shows are lined up in the coming weeks but until then, thanks for your loving support and enjoy the last couple Super Bowl nuggets from this week.

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