As further proof that people will bet on absolutely anything, there is literally an endless number of “prop bets” you can place on the game.

Whether you’re wagering in your office pool, at your Super Bowl party or at a Vegas or on-line gaming house, there are an endless series of bet-on-anything wagers you can find.

Here’s just a sample of the many things you can risk your hard earned dollars on on Super Sunday.

In-Game Odds and Lines

First Quarter:  New England (-.5); Over/Under 9.5

Second Quarter New England (-.5); Over/Under 14.5

Third Quarter  New England (-.5); Over/Under 10.0

Fourth Quarter New England (-.5); Over/Under 13.5

Which Team Will Score First?

Which Team Will Score Last?

First Team to Make a Coaching Challenge

First Challenge Upheld or Overturned?

Will either team make a 4th down conversion?

Will any player receive an excessive celebration penalty?


Player and Stat Bets

Total Sacks in the Game:  Over/Under 5.0

Total Turnovers in the Game:  Over/Under 3.0

Largest Lead by Either Team:  Over/Under 7.0

Longest Touchdown of the Game:  Over/Under 30.5 yards

Who Will Lead the Game in Rushing?

Who Will Lead the Game in Passing?

Who Will Lead the Game in Receiving?

Player to Score First Touchdown:

Player to Score Last Touchdown:

Player to Lead Game in Points Scored:

Player with First Turnover (interception or forced fumble):

Player to Commit First Turnover:

Passing Yards:

Russell Wilson    Over/Under 185

Tom Brady           Over/Under 245

Odds on length of first field goal of the game:

1 – 22 Yards              7/2

23 – 29 Yards             5/2

30 – 36 Yards             5/2

37 – 43 Yards             3/1

44 – 49 Yards             4/1

50 or more Yards              11/2

No Field Goals Made         7/2

Odds to Win Super Bowl MVP

Tom Brady            9/5

Russell Wilson        7/2

Marshawn Lynch        5/1

Rob Gronkowski        9/1

LeGarrette Blount     12/1

Julian Edelman        16/1

Kam Chancellor        25/1

Richard Sherman      25/1

Darrelle Revis            33/1

Doug Baldwin            33/1

Earl Thomas            40/1

Bobby Wagner        50/1

Jamie Collins            50/1

Jermaine Kearse        50/1

Brandon LaFell        66/1

Danny Amendola        66/1

Luke Willson            66/1

Shane Vereen            66/1

K.J. Wright                 75/1

Byron Maxwell             100/1

Devin McCourty             100/1

Dont’a Hightower        100/1

Malcolm Smith             100/1

Patrick Chung               100/1

Rob Ninkovich             100/1

Stephen Gostkowski    100/1

Steven Hauschka          100/1


Non-Football/Crazy Bets

Coin Toss Heads or Tails?

Which Team Wins Coin Toss?

Nielsen Rating for the Game:  Over/Under

Length of Idina Menzel’s National Anthem:  Over/Under 121 seconds

Will the PA announcer call Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem?”:  999/1

What will Bill Belichick be wearing

Red Hoodie            7/1

Gray Hoodie            1/1

Blue Hoodie            4/1

Cut Sleeves Hoodie        5/1

Not Hoodie Hoodie             250/1

What will Katy Perry’s first halftime song be:

Firework             3/2

Roar                 3/2

This Is How We Do         5/1

Dark Horse                  12/1

E.T.                      12/1

Wide Awake                  12/1

Waking Up In Vegas              20/1

What color will Katy Perry’s Hair Be?

Black/Brown                     2/1

Pink/Red                    3/1

Blue/Green                     3/1

Blonde                     4/1

Purple                         5/1

The same color as Belichick’s Hoodie    999/1

Which will get more mentions:  Marshawn Lynch’s one sentence press conferences or “deflategate”?

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch?

Number of times Gisele Bundchen gets shown    Over/Under 2.5

First talking animal to appear in a commercial?  Dog/Cat/Horse/Rodent/Other

What will the first commercial (after kickoff) be for?



Computers/Cell Phones/Technology

Network Promo/PSA

Auto or Health Insurance

Something Else