stan lee pole dancing olympics

Stan Lee, famous comic book extraordinaire, does a regular internet show dubbed “Stan’s Rants” and in one of his latest versions, he’s talking about how it’s a travesty that one “sport” in particular is not a part of the Olympics.

And that sport happens to be pole dancing.

“That’s like the sexiest Olympics of all. Everyone loves pole dancers. I want pole dancing at the Olympic events” says Lee in his latest video.

While the fact that a male is stating this opinion might be construed as biased, for anyone who’s ever tried the pole dancing workout class, you know how in shape you must be in order to perform that (ahem) art in a graceful manner.

Truth be told, I doubt pole dancing ever makes it into the Olympics but Lee does state something everyone can probably agree with…

“It would probably be the most popular event at the Olympics” says Lee.