Despite how you feel about them personally, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are extremely talented business women that also make a lot of their money because of their looks.

A main focus of their looks in recent years has been on their extremely large derrieres. But while both Kim and Nicki have emphatically stated the realness of said body parts for years, Redditor DRitAintReal has broken down in extreme detail how both mega stars are big fat liars.

Through a series of pictures that was featured on the “Best Of” page of Reddit, the user explains Kim and Nicki can get away with saying their behinds aren’t fake because the procedure used on both involves taking fatty sections from other areas of the body and injecting into their newly shaped bottom. Often called the Brazilian butt lift, it’s much safer to take this route vs. a surgical procedure similar to breast implants.

Just take a look at these before and after photos:



Even Kim’s sister Khloe is seemingly getting in on the procedure:


The explanation for this discovery is when you have large behind, you usually have larger thighs to support it. But when your arms show signs of scarring from what are assumed as lipo injections, it makes a picture like this more understandable:


Nicki’s thighs aren’t even touching the chair.

Obviously there is no concrete proof that these women are partaking in these lipo injection procedures. But these side-by-side comparisons are extremely convincing and further proof that beauty helps propel a talented woman faster than relying solely on their craft.

But before you say “they have no talent” both of these women are some of the most savvy business women in the world. They’ve made millions in the business world partially due to their looks therefore whatever they choose to do with their bodies is their own business.

But in a world with unrealistic beauty standards,  it’s still important to note no amount of squats will create a booty like Nicki and Kim without a little nip and tuck.