The talk had already started, of course, and when talk starts it often continues in spite of the facts, in spite of itself, and the talk before this week’s games was that Robert Griffin III was the wrong quarterback for Washington.

And that Colt McCoy, yeah Colt McCoy, was the right one.

The talk, of course, is unlikely to stop now, now that McCoy threw for 392 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Colts.  Now that McCoy has thrown 4 TDs and just 1 INT in three games and has a passer rating over 100.

Forget, for the moment, that he put up today’s dizzying stats in a 20+ point loss to the Colts (I won’t even mention his 4 fumbles.  He did, after all, get sacked 6 times and hit more times than that).

Forget that his current stats fly in the face of his career numbers going back to 2010.

Colt McCoy, greatest quarterback ever

If the RacialSlurs and their fans and their coach want to believe Colt McCoy is in fact another Rich Gannon, a treasure of a quarterback thrown on the garbage heap by some other team too dumb to realize what they had, then let them if that makes them happy.  I suspect McCoy is the latest in a long line of names that include Rob Johnson, Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn and yes, I’m saying it, Kirk Cousins, who just a couple months ago was the best quarterback for Washington instead of Griffin.  A few months ago that was.

Kirk Cousins, formerly the greatest quarterback ever

And what of Robert Griffin?  Surely the best news he could get would be that the RacialSlurs were trading him away.  Hopefully to a place well suited to him like Kansas City where he could sit for a year behind Alex Smith and learn under the quarterback whisperer Andy Reid.  Or like Buffalo, where the team has moved on from E.J. Manuel, and where RG III could pair with budding superstar WR Sammy Watkins, and where the defense has been good enough to help the team build a 7-5 record despite the absence of any particularly good quarterback play.  Or like St. Louis, where Jeff Fisher has a history with mobile quarterbacks like Vince Young and Steve McNair, and where he’s managed to go 5-7 with a team that hasn’t had a quarterback in 2 years.

Surely anywhere but Washington, with their racist team name and their sycophantic fans and their moronic billionaire egomaniac owner who has put together the most atrocious string of losing in Washington football history, broken only, coincidentally, by a certain Rookie of the Year quarterback with cool initials and a bright future.

Robert Griffin III.  He was so good he could play sitting down and still win

I still think Mike Shanahan ruined that quarterback.  Ruined him by playing him when he was hurt and getting him even more hurt.  Ruined him by drafting Kirk Cousins in the first place instead of bolstering the o-line or getting a decent wide receiver.  Ruined him by constantly trying to change the essential way  he played, a process continued, criminally, by Jay Gruden.

But probably none of these things will happen.  Colt McCoy will be the starter for a while.  For just long enough for everyone to realize that it doesn’t matter who starts at quarterback for this dreadful dysfunctional mess of a team.  If the RacialSlurs were smart, they’d trade RGIII now, while he still has some value, while he still has his youth, while he’s still reasonably healthy, and while there’s still time for some other coach to think about all the different ways he could attack a defense with a player like Griffin.  If they were smart they’d trade him.

But I think we all know that if there’s one thing that these guys aren’t, it’s smart.